Setting 2013 Goals

Setting goals, without goals, human beings will be like ghosts floating around, wasting their life away.

I sense that there is something different in the air.

Instead of setting goals for numbers, cars, houses, things….why not set goals for the abstract? This means, bearing spiritual fruit…because ultimately things don’t define you. Things can come and go, but you- as a person, must grow internally.

Questions to ask yourself, write down your answers and tape it on your wall:

1. What kind of person do you want to become in 2013? 

2. How are you different from 2011, what major events and circumstances helped you to become the person you are today?

3. Instead of guilting yourself for the things that YOU didn’t do, WHAT were you successful in doing? (being a great dad, organizing your house better, building up your business, loving your partner/kids, friends, etc) What did it look like and how did you feel?

4. What drove you? (the key is to UNCOVER your motivation and passion, PASSION is what drives YOU to LOVE WHAT YOU DO and thrive in it). I believe in DOING what you are already GOOD at, instead of trying to master your weaknesses.

5. What does your life look like in 2013 (what is your ideal lifestyle)? Don’t just define WHAT you have, but WHO you are. This means, will you be more patient, less depressed, more joyful, carefree, happy? As Tony Robbins said, all that you want in life is about emotions. This means that when we want a new car or a successful relationship – we think that we will be happy (aka emotions). That means, we have to be happy first, internally. What will build your inner stability, your inner peace? Since we can’t RELY on external forces to give us happiness, no human being can give us the happiness we want.


2013 for me, will be about seeking depth, meaning, seeking peace, breathing more often. A lot of our worries, fears, and failures come from inner turmoil. In order to master our external world, we need to seek peace with ourselves. This means facing our past and acknowledging the places we have come from. That’s the first step.

Second step?

Ask for help. Read books, talk to people who have been through it, bravely face that which you were….then move on and seek truth, seek forgiveness, seek love.

Nothing external can redeem us from ourselves. You are the person you spend the most time with….until the day you collapse into your grave, so seek depth.

Personally, I have learned to be patient, to forgive more easily, to wait more patiently and to recognize childhood issues I never dealt with. In June, I started teaching private lessons, which have been successful (thanks to all my students), but now it’s a matter of having a goal for teaching (what do I want to accomplish with teaching?). I started doing real estate, but am now also waiting for the next step…it’s like Oprah being told she can’t have a show…yet. Potential bursting at the seams. It’s a season of resting and preparing for major action.


Freedom To Be, To Choose

Drawing that I finished. Copyright: Rebekka Lien. I have made this into cards too- for sell proceeds going to charity- to be announced.

Life Is Unexpected.

Fury, laughter, and silence.

Drops of rain cover my window pane.

I am hovering like a helicopter.

Not flying, nor landing.

Heads drooping.

Flowers rotting.

Call me from the grave

This life is short, but beautiful

searching for eternity in my heart

I have yet to experience travels of miles, lands, terrains, hills, valleys, oceans, mountains


stories, people, embraces, laughter, tears

there’s much to come

The strong aren’t strong at all.

Teach me to catch today by the hands.

For I am just another unique masterpiece

writing a story of your glory with my life.

that you have given me.

I could have not existed, not even have a soul, a thought, a conscience,

a heart.

It would be like

having a mouth zipped, brains frozen, body a vegetable,

incapable, lifeless, heartless, thoughtless


I sit.



One cannot comprehend the gift that is us. To be given life, a book, a blank book we choose to write any story we want.
To be given life, a blank canvas we choose to create any image we want.
To be given life, a song, a melody we choose to write, conduct, and compose.

What is it ? I hear.

We have. We have freedom to choose. What will you choose to create out of your life, what story will it be? What melody?

I hope it will be beautiful.

Make it beautiful, choose to be.

Be BEYOND uncontrollable circumstances

Be the person you TRULY DESIRE to be.