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3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Are The Most Stable People


I have been called unstable because I have a vision. How ironic. I have been called unstable because I choose to leave my home and travel to the unknown and foreign land by myself, and be inspired by the road.

People don’t have to understand the vision, but people really don’t need to judge. But most people judge because they are jealous of you, because most people are scared of change. Enjoy my commentary.

According to Merriam-Webster:


adjective \-ˈstā-bəl\

: likely to change

: not emotionally or mentally healthy

: not held in a secure position : likely to move or fall

Full Definition of UNSTABLE

:  not stable :  not firm or fixed :  not constant: as- It’s so hilarious because life is unfixed, life is constantly changing even if you choose to hold onto anything, you are constantly getting older, your body is always aging, you are either growing or digressing, pick what you may.

a :  not steady in action or movement :  irregular <an unstable pulse>- How ironic. Entrepreneurs are CONSTANTLY moving.

b :  wavering in purpose or intent :  vacillating- Entrepreneurs have 1 purpose, to figure out a better way of life, business, and lifestyle. They are searching for more, they are searching for truth, for a better and faster way to make more income in less time. Entrepreneurs survive in tough times BECAUSE they have a purpose. 

c :  lacking steadiness :  apt to move, sway, or fall <an unstable tower> – Entrepreneurs are not SWAYED by peoples’ judgements, they survive even when their closest friends and family tell them unfathomable judgements. 

d (1) :  liable to change or alteration <an unstable economy> <unstable weather> (2) :  readily changing (as by decomposing) in chemical or physical composition or in biological activity- I mean, this really cracks me up. If people think entrepreneurs are unstable, I mean, isn’t that just life? There are ups and downs, entrepreneurs simply learn to RIDE THE WAVE.

e :  characterized by lack of emotional control- I think it’s more like EXPRESSING ourselves. Most people are so suppressed, they just suffocate their emotions and pretend everything is okay. At least we learn to healthily express our emotions so that we can continue creating new ideas, new projects, new works of art, new innovations. We’re the freaks.

un·sta·ble·ness noun
un·sta·bly adverb
1. When all hell breaks loose and a company has no money to pay their employees, entrepreneurs always have a job because they learn to monetize their talents and skills. They will always know how to make income, leave them on the streets, and they will sell something, whether its telling jokes or drawing cartoons on the street.
2. Entrepreneurs learn how to master themselves. They learn to grow with the times and gradually rise to the top…such as riding a wave, you ride it slowly, but steadily and before you know it, you’ve made it to the top of the game and guess what, nobody can bitch!
3. Since we’ve already been through eating ramen for breakfast and selling parts of our dignity to make it in our business, we know that little setbacks aren’t the ends of us. So when other people freak out about first world problems like how the Starbucks lady is super slow making their lattes, we are quietly thanking them because we remember when we couldn’t even afford a cup of coffee. Personally, I have been there, so now I am extra thankful for every gift and every dollar that I am given or make. So guess what, most of us are a lot more resilient and a lot more stable because we’re not going to bitch out on small things…..we’ve seen worse, we’ve been through hell. I know some people have had to make big sacrifices to pursue their dreams, but guess what, ride the waves, ride it and don’t give up…and one day you’ll look down and see that it was all worth it.
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YOU ARE INVITED: How To Sell Funky Fresh Products and Services WORKSHOP

YOU ARE INVITED: How To Sell Funky Fresh Products and Services WORKSHOP


Located in Los Angeles on June 11.

A Workshop for Funky Fresh Creatives and Business Folks!

Learn HOW to start selling your Products and Services with Super Dope Chicks- a partnership between Jasmine Powers of Ambitious Diva ( and Rebekka Lien of Unlock Your Destiny (

+ How to buy great stuff to sell – Buying, testing, trends, moving product
+ How to sell on ebay?
+ How to create your online/offline store (WordPress plugins, HTML, ecommerce platforms)
+ Marketing & PR to build your buzz
+ Finding people who will buy your goods
+ Creating a blueprint to a successful life/career
+ Inventory and Biz Stuff – Inventory Management, Accounting, Tools


Rebekka Lien, Unlock Your Destiny & Rebekka Lien

Jasmine Powers, Ambitious Diva

Tiffany La Vonne, Tiffany La Vonne Couture

Other funky fresh retailers and design professionals to TBD

Who are Super Dope Chicks?

Rebekka Lien: Rebekka Lien is a Serial Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Realtor and Business Artisan who started her business with nothing after quitting her full time job. She guides her clients to UNLOCK THEIR DESTINY through Transformative Coaching & Business Consulting.

Jasmine Powers: Digital Marketing Strategist, Blogger, Graphic and Web Designer, Author, Speaker, and Online Retailer aka Creative Marketing Diva. She helps female entrepreneurs reach their personal and professional life goals through her integrated marketing agency, Ambitious Diva


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This is the beauty of divine synchronicity! I met Elizabeth Hunt at a cafe and we hit it off right away. I was enlightened with the idea of helping her raise funds for her volunteer trip to Bangalore, India and will be donating 50% of all jewelry proceeds to her trip. She is a delight and joy to humanity. 

 Join us this coming Sunday for Chai Tea and Jewelry, Accessories and Handmade Soaps!


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My first Podcast- How To BEGIN LIVING Your DREAMS

My first Podcast- the story is just bursting out of my heart that I cannot contain it ANY LONGER! This is only a short summary of what I went through to live my dreams. I hope you find inspiration and hope to ACT DESPITE YOUR FEARS! 

The manuscript-

Hi Everyone! I want to share my story with the world.

A lot of people ask me, how do I know where to begin? How do I know what I should do in life? How did you get to where you are today?

You see, I’m not where I want to be yet, but I am living the life I want to live now.

 Only 1% have the courage to make the entrepreneurial leap into success. It’s all about risk.

You see, 2 years ago, I quit my full time job after 9 months of stability. I felt like I was trapped in a cage. I had worked in the fashion industry for 4-5 years and wanted the normal job with health insurance. I thought that was the only way I could reach success. I would just climb my way up to the top and I knew I could.

However, the level of pain, suffering and death within me broke me.

I quit and never looked back.

When I quit my full time job, I used the money I had to travel to Australia for a month. When I came back, I was broke, but was inspired by street vendors who sold jewelry on the street. I started selling my own jewelry and it turned into a business.

In the beginning of my self- employed years, I ate a lot of rice and kale because I could not afford to buy groceries. I was late on rent and often suffered immense turmoil from struggling to find my way.

After traveling once more and going through some inner healing, one day I woke up and wrote down everything I was good at or had the abilities to do. I ended up writing down: cello, piano, writing, mandarin, sewing….etc…I posted on craigslist and started getting clients. I was really shocked at first, but felt blessed to know there was a FREE way to get clients.

This story is really just a small summary of what I went through…Iong story short I tried everything. I was on Let’s Make a Deal, I got to touch Wayne Brady on the shoulders, I worked in retail, had lots of shows, enjoyed free shows in Silverlake, diversified my skills and monetized everything I could.

Still, it was not enough. My boyfriend suggested I get into Real Estate and I started working in the industry last year. Today I am a life coach who helps unlock peoples destiny, a sewing instructor and a realtor. I have jewelry consigned with various local businesses and give back to the community by providing work for people.

My advice for people who are looking to start something new, don’t wait, don’t hesitate, just jump.

I get criticized a lot for my unconventional ways of doing things….for not doing things perfect sometimes or not using recycle paper to create my flyers and using bootstrap methods to create something grand out of nothing. But AT LEAST I TRIED, AT LEAST I put myself out there, and that has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. I would not have started living my dreams if I didnt listen to my intuition and the ways of the universe. Don’t aim for perfect, aim for jumping already.

Rebekka Lien,
Unlock Your Destiny Life Coach, REALTOR & 
Creative Music/Fashion Instructor 
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You Can’t Have It All


Believe it or not, you can’t have it all.

I mean, you have to let go of somethings in order to get better things. If you watch Hoarders, you will know…you cannot have a good life hoarding.

I know this might be completely stupid, but I did not know that bleach obviously bleaches and dyes all your clothes. Yesterday, I ran out of detergent and decided to use the last of my bleach for my clothes. Yes, I know, I went to Fashion School, but we never used bleach and on the bleach bottle, it said I could use it to wash clothes…..I ended up masacre-ing ALL MY CLOTHES. It was so hard breaking. Some came out good, but some came out horrid.

I think it was God telling me to let go. Let go of my old clothes, of my stubbornness, of my old ways of thinking.

You see, without letting go, we do not open our hands to the good things that are coming NEXT. 

We clench onto what we already have, already think about life.

Fortunately, as an ENTREPRENEUR, you are a LEARNER…which means, you MUST constantly ADAPT, ADJUST, LISTEN. This is a season of listening well my friends. 

Any great entrepreneur MUST listen and not simply drone and WALK on to the beat of society. Yesterday, I had several mishaps. Spilled wine on my couch, massacred my clothes, did not win my 3 parking tickets (PARKING TICKETS ARE THE WORSE!), and more. I was pretty miserable, but….today….I REFUSED To let it get to me.

It is because, I know there is a bigger picture.

Your life might not be the most pleasant right now. Perhaps you are going through crisis, relational, financial, emotional….career crisis. But there is hope, this hope relies on YOUR ability and CHOICE to FOCUS on what you’re grateful for….and the CHOICE to be PRESENT in each and every day. 

I think another thing I was reminded of is that MATERIAL WEALTH can be burned away, bleached away, destroyed- but integrity, character and spiritual wealth is eternal.

Sometimes we try to SAVE, hoping it will protect us from tragedy….but we end up paying more for saving the crappy stuff we already have. So give it up, and let the new thing come.

Material Hoarding – Hoarding material things

Emotional Hoarding– Not forgiving, not letting go of the past

Mindset Hoarding– Not letting go of OLD mindsets, patterns or perspectives in life

…..The list goes on, but TODAY WRITE DOWN 1 THING YOU HAVE NOT LET GO OF and you know will stop you from moving forward. Then COMMIT to LET IT GO! 


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How To Make Things Happen


What is the difference between people who live the life they desire versus the people who don’t? How do people MAKE THINGS HAPPEN? Are they just lucky, more positive, more personable, was born happier and more positive….or is it a choice?

I believe it’s a CHOICE.

Over the years, I have studied lots of mentors and coaches. I have watched the Secret, observed peoples’ lives and I have come to 1 SINGLE conclusion.

Everything is a CHOICE.

You might have been raised by a horrible family or had a monstrous childhood, but in the end, who creates YOUR destiny? You do.

I started out my multiple businesses with pretty much nothing in my bank, I didn’t take out a loan, I simply had FAITH. I chose FAITH. I chose to believe that there was the universe watching out for me. Having nothing DROVE me to the very core of my dreams. I became an obsessive artist, because I knew that NOTHING could stop me….I had already nothing, so I could only GO UP.

How do you make things happen?? 

1. Be a huge OPPORTUNITY CONNECTER– I see opportunities EVERYWHERE. I basically CREATE opportunities until I feel COMPLETELY depleted. However, the world has ENDLESS opportunities.

A few weeks ago, I was part of an Artisan Fair. I compiled an EMAIL LIST which included contacts I had never met, but somehow I had their business cards. I wasn’t scared to add them….even though several folks requested that I take them off my list.

1 LADY showed up and we connected. I was pleasantly surprised to be honest, because I didn’t even know her…yet she got my email. She owned an art gallery located not too far from Pasadena. I told her that we should connect, that I wanted to collaborate with her since she had space.

Yesterday we met up and I booked a speaking event! My mind moves fast, your brain has got to think fast. Deplete the possibilities. Speaking gigs are great because it positions YOU as an EXPERT (whatever FIELD OR INDUSTRY you’re in).


+ Destiny Makers

  • Don’t whine, don’t complain (that much…they complain and find solutions).
  • Don’t get caught up with failures, learn and improve for the next.
  • Do INTENTIONALLY focus on the positive, SAY THANKS always and ARE grateful for the little and big things.
  • Don’t focus on self, but find ways to help others through COLLABORATION.
  • Loves to have fun.

+ Victim of Destiny

  • Believes that others don’t understand them.
  • Believes that they are alone.
  • Believes that the universe and life is against them….
  • Sulks and makes their lives miserable and others as well…

You get the point.

3. Know what you want- stick to it

Know what you want, write it down, write down WHY you want it. This will compel your life to great heights.

Never give up.

I could have given up and applied to more FULL TIME JOBS. Life could have been really dreary for me, but I decided to NEVER go back. I might still work full time hours, or even more- because I’m so obsessed with work (like blogging is an obsession if my mind is filled with inspiration). I could work 3 hours in the real estate office, show houses for an hour, drop off inventory to a store and come home still wanting to blog and maybe I’ll be finally ready to chomp down on double chocolate ice cream.

I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel….it started from the ground up.