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Hi everyone! Check out my article and story on VoyageLA magazine. It’s been a tough year of learning how to love, to not be afraid of intimacy with people. God has been bringing me out of hiding for sure.

Here’s the article on VoyageLA!


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T-Shirt Line Launched!

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Are you tired of pitching yourself?

Well, get a shirt and let the shirt do the talking. Or get a bag. 


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If you live in LA and want to pick up the order, simply paypal me and I can order it for you.

God bless!

Tired of pitching yourself, invest in a t-shirt that will do the job for you. No need to speak, just wear the shirt and smile. As you put your intentions out there, you will get what you ask for. Amen. It is finished.

More to come for other artisans. I know it is sometimes hard for artists to pitch themselves, so I came up with this idea today.

Get one today! 

You Are Not Your Talent- A Message to Creatives

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I thought my dream was to travel the world,

I thought my dream was to set people free,

I thought my dream was to be on TV or to be famous or to own a big house and to drive nice cars,

I thought my dream was to help others achieve their dreams and goals….

and I realized, my dream is to be loved by God and I have already achieved that. 

My true dream is to walk with God everyday of my life…and nothing else truly matters. I get to live out His heart for people. 

Nothing has changed in my circumstances. Right now I sleep on a sofa bed I have to pull out everyday, I’m not on prime time television, I don’t have a big contract with any big companies, I’m not making bank and I don’t have a car even!!!! But I feel MORE ALIVE AND FREE than I have EVER felt in my whole life because GOD. ALL I NEED IS GOD!

A message for creatives
You are not your talent. 
I feel so strongly that many artists have felt a spirit of rejection on them and that they’ve felt like they are failure because they haven’t made it.
I have a message that will set you free.
This is my reflection after watching “Loving Vincent”.
Watch this video and feel free to share. 

After I made this video I felt like I had come back from another planet and I have been spiritually high ever since that video. I feel like GOD calibrated and breathed into my heart in a new way.

Put Your Dreams First Not The HOW

My analysis of faith

 I am releasing faith today. 

Those of you who know me have always known that I put the dream first, not the how. 

Because of this, I rely heavily on faith. 

Not on my own ability. 

And miracles have conspired to help me. 

Resting in grace is for the brave.

I never thought I would have the opportunities I have today, getting on tv shows, traveling, writing, everything I love doing. And to be honest, it never manifested because of one big break….

I just believed I could live that way without being a slave to the system of work.

Today I’ve untangled myself from the needs of western society, you know the propaganda of the american Dream, white picket fence and 2.5 kids….I want marriage, I want kids, but that doesn’t have to look like the jonnesses. I haven’t had a car, one apartment, laptop for one year. I’ve been SIM card less for almost 3 months. 

Before I feared that I’d miss a call from my agent or casting directors but today I know if it’s for me, it’ll reach me without me having to be on my phone 24/7. 

Setting healthy boundaries on love. 

I get to live the way I want because it’s my life. So that means traveling with family, working from home, relaxing when most of society is striving under the lie of not being enough, helping the world by empowering people with stories of hope….

I thank God everyday.