Rebekka Lien Appears on Karamo Show

Hi everyone, I wanted to share this video which was released today on KTLA 5. As you know my journey with healing from issues with my dad and men have been a long long journey. My heart was really closed off to men for a long time. I hated men to be honest. I would feel wounded about one thing that a guy did and hold onto hate.

God had to heal me and it’s been a LONG LONG journey for those who have been following my blog FOR A LONG TIME.

I always wanted to get married and I am still waiting until marriage, I VOW to GOD and JESUS and I believe God is doing the healing even now.

If you are going through what I’m going through, you are NOT ALONE. My dad was not there for me, he was an absent and avoidant father who constantly disappointed me. He is an alcoholic and has an addiction.

I wanted to also share THIS video from years ago where I talked about receiving love and being afraid to reject or disappoint people.

For a lot of my life, I lived to please others and had a hard time speaking my mind. I wanted people to like me and had a hard time standing up for myself.

I’m so blessed to have the opportunities I’ve had to heal and be on tv shows in the last year. God used every opportunity to heal my heart from an absence of love in my life. Even though I went through a lot with my boyfriend, he has also healed from his issues.

I hope these videos heal your heart.

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My Appearance in Jubilee – Feminists Confront Pickup Artist

Hey guys! How exciting is this! My appearance in Jubilee is out! 🙂

And tomorrow my boyfriend and I are on the KARAMO SHOW on Channel 5 at 4pm pacific time. Please check your local listings to get the time for your time zone!

Thank you for all your support.

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Relative Justice

I’m so excited to share with you that I was on Relative Justice. Thank you for all your support all these years. This year has been my biggest year in TV and Youtube. I’ve worked really hard and have also been through a lot emotionally, healing from childhood wounds, relationship issues. There’s so much more to come!

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Men

I woke up from a dream where God was telling me not to be afraid of men.

In this dream I was driving an uber and there was a guy in the back with a guitar. I asked if he was British and he told me to park as he was photographing.

Growing up I often heard my mother talk bad about my dad. “He is a bad person, he cheated on me”.

I read books about men taking women captive and selling them to human trafficking, I learned about rape, and everything that was bad. I also met good men of course. I had great examples of men that were great husbands at church.

But my father’s absence caused me to dwell on hatred a lot. There were times I felt his absence and it felt like a stone in my heart.

God has been healing that wound my whole life. It’s easy to harden my heart, I want to propose to you that if you didn’t grow up with a certain parent that you may feel hatred towards a certain gender or person. Not everyone is like that.

Not everyone is going to abandon you. I’ve been going through some intense healing. Learning to trust people again is not easy, I’ve gone through some betrayal in my life. It’s been tough. I lost friends just because I told them how I felt about certain things in their life. I was only telling my truth, not out of judgement.

In this season,

Learn to trust again,

learn to let people in,

learn to love again. I dare you!

You can do it.

Sending you lots of love.

THE MESSAGE I got growing up was that men were not to be trusted, that I did not need one and that I should try to be independent. This caused a lot of damage in my heart because I became really guarded and never really let men in. My brother also left our house and disappeared. He was my best friend and he disappeared from my life, it caused even more issues of abandonment.

But I had to learn to open my heart again.


Silence, another call out of hundreds, no reply. My heart feels numb. My heart felt numb for much of my childhood. I only saw my dad after 10 years of not seeing him or talking to him.

When I got older I started to pursue a relationship with him. It was endless calling, no replies. For 2 years, silence.

I was used to the silence and the silence numbed me. But when I called, I’d feel my heart, it was me trying.

I felt fear I guess you can say. The numbness was a sort of fear saying that “you don’t deserve love”, and you will never get reciprocation. And if that’s the case what was the point of trying. So I didn’t really try in other areas of my life, until I started to want to feel.

I wanted to feel everything, the tears, the disappointment, I wanted to no longer feel numb. I wanted to feel happiness. I wanted to feel anger.

And I needed to call, I needed to say how I felt, I didn’t want to live in witchcraft anymore. I wanted to feel everything.

So I started to say how I felt, to anyone and anything and my heart broke open and the tears came, I cry at least once a day. That meant I needed to do things that scared me, to say how I felt, to do things that terrify me, to tell the truth. To be punished for telling the truth, to face the hard things, the things that made me feel guilty, ashamed, to say anything and everything.

This year, I’ve conquered many giants. I’ve been on several YouTube and tv shows, I’ve been on many projects, I’ve done things that scared me and I’ve followed my heart. I’ve gone to court, I’ve spoken to judges and attorneys, I’ve laid out my deck of cards and everything I’ve got.

There’s no more fear left in me.

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Rebekka Lien is an actress, stand up comedian, and prophet. She has been on reality show TLC Married By Mom and Dad, Design Genius, Culture Shock, Liquid Death commercial, 100 Things travel show, America’s Court, He Gets Us commercial, Let’s Make A Deal, Music videos with Dababy, Cosas De La Vida, Psychward Druggies, and appeared on Alpharad’s YouTube channel, pranked by Jay Kinda Funny, Riceman and much more. She has performed as a stand up comedian at Haha Comedy Club, Hotel Cafe and many other venues. She is also a music composer for films.

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