Let’s Talk Romance

Remember when you used to write love stories?

Yes. And you drew comic books?


It’s been awhile.

I had a dream about a guy I used to like. I thought this guy liked me too but one day he told me he started dating a girl and I was heart broken. I thought I didn’t understand betrayal but I totally forgot about this long forgotten memory.

How many of you have become a very logical being because Lord forbid if you felt anything you might be heart broken?

How many of you have shut down your heart to protect it?

But then you actually blocked out everything good as well?

Let’s talk romance.

I think we all want a wildly romantic life. Not just with a partner but one of wild adventures, surprises and miracles. Most of us actually love good surprises but we’ve become control freaks because life didn’t always bring us good surprises…In fact a lot of negative surprises came our way.

That’s why I often found myself wildly surprised on this trip- sometimes in ways I felt really out of control. I tried to do anything to stay control.

Take right now as an example. I know where God wants me to go next, so I tried to raise the funds to buy the plane ticket but it didn’t come together.

So I’m like okay God I think you want me to slow down and just trust you.

Take today as an example. I really want to see sheep but went the wrong direction on a bus. I ended up in a residential area and had to knock at a corporate door for directions.

It reminded me of 3 years ago when I went to Bali and wanted to scooter my way around like Eat, Pray, Love but ended up getting into an accident and had to lie in bed for 2 weeks.

My friend told me “you we’re just living in freedom. God is now ordering your steps”.

It’s okay to try to get ahead, but God will order your steps. Since you might be as hard headed as I am, you May encounter a closed door…

God is asking me to slow down. He is wanting us to spend time with Him and rebuild our hearts and strength for what is to come.

Greater strength, greater anointing, greater harvest.

God wants to surprise us. Even when we think we’ve got God figured out. Even as a prophet, we are to be like little children.

He doesn’t want us to know everything. He wants us to trust Him completely.

That’s a romantic life.

Imagine going on a date and constantly asking your date- what’s next? What’s next time? When?

That would be an awful date. He wants us to be enraptured by His love and to be fully indulged in His adventure. He wants us to enjoy His company.

So what about taking His hand? And letting go of control?

I’m listening to Korean love music as I write this. I love romance. I love been enraptured in the moment.

Give- Consider sowing into the kingdom and into the hearts of people around the world.




A Matter Of Trust



Before I went overseas I had many dreams about wearing a wedding dress getting ready on an airplane.

The wedding dress was symbolic of trust, marrying Jesus, trusting Him, giving my whole life to Him.

And yet I still have trouble trusting Him at times. Like times when He tells me where to go next to minister to the people He needs me to reach. I don’t see the finances for the plane ticket; it slowly comes together but very slowly. Like I have two days left to pull the finances together. If He even wants me there then.

I woke up thinking “I give up. It’s like pulling a dead cow. I tried my best. I give up and surrender. Not by my flesh or effort but by your spirit”.

It was much easier to work for money but now that I trust God for it to do the work He has called me to, sometimes and most of the time it’s a matter of letting go.

I let go.

You won’t abandon me. Why me though? Why of all people did you call me?

Because you choose to trust me even when it’s scary. You choose to face the fears and go through the pain even when you don’t see a way.

That is why you are a pioneer because no one else will do it.

Why won’t anyone else do it?

They don’t trust me.

They don’t believe that I am good.

That is why many have yet to step into what I have called them to. They will rather cling unto a job or a man, something they can see.

You can’t always see me, yet you can hear me.

I can hear you but my heart still battles to trust you.

And that is okay. I know you are fragile, human, imperfect but I only see Jesus in you. Perfect; unblemished; not lacking; abundant. That is all I see.

He paid the price.

I am asking you to see Jesus in you. That is the only truth.

This journey is about intimacy. Not everyone wears a wedding ring with my name on it. Some are unwilling to trust me, I’m waiting patiently and will continue waiting for them.

Woman of God will you trust me? Will you trust me when you don’t see it yet? Will you listen to my still voice? Will you put a ring with my name on it?

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Sow to Reap!


Hi friends! I am currently fundraising for my stay at Christchurch. You all have seen the work is being done and your contribution impacts people for eternity. Your giving will also be returned 100 fold in Jesus name! Any amount helps- $20, 50, 100, 500, 1000.
May you give as the spirit leads! Thank you in advance. Thousands of lives are being touched for eternity!

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I just arrived in Christchurch and a God sent angel gave me a ride to a hostel he found online and I felt peace about it! I got to pray over them!



God I need you more than ever. I’ve seen you work before yet every time I go to a new place I ask you “will you lead the way? Will I have a place to sleep?” I’m looking for your lost sheep, I’m looking for your sheep. I’m relying solely on you, for your provision. I’ve seen miracles. At a moments notice, you sent me to peoples’ homes and yet again I leave and I feel like I have to start over and yet again I have to be brave and courageous and have the question mark of “when, how?”

How will you provide this time? 

How will you lead me this time? 

I often arrive late at night in a new city not knowing where you are leading me, but I follow. 

I follow with my carry on and a duffel bag, a stranger in a foreign city. Everything feels foreign, I don’t feel excited, I feel apprehensive. 

I feel scared at times. Will you take care of me again? Will you do it again? 

Then divine encounters after divine encounters, I see healings and miracles, both physical, emotional and spiritual.

I am the messenger and carrier of your miracle. How could it be? 

I see people cry and laugh with wonder, faces transformed, body healed, heart open. 

How it could be? 

I asked how will you provide, how could it be? 

You’ve done it again and again, country to country, you never fail me. 

I’m your chosen prophet; a pastor to lost sheep, I hold and embrace the lost sheep and welcome them back. I tell them “you’re not under condemnation, you are perfect in God’s eyes”.

I pray with the lost and they hear Jesus’ voice. You long for your children and all to come to you. Your ways are gentle, never forceful. 

You chose me but sometimes the calling and purpose seems too big for me. I am just human but with you in me. 

The resurrected Christ in me. You speak through me, healing the broken hearted and mending old wounds. 

You correct peoples’ views of you through me. You say “I am a loving father, not a mean one”. 

God you will not leave me stranded, the servant and messenger. Through me the world have already seen- you are too real, only by God’s grace you’ve carried me this far. 

I tell tales too miraculous to believe. They listen in awe, but they don’t know the sacrifices too big to explain. This is the longest I’ve been away from my mom. Midway a family member got sick. I keep going, praying for them. 

I keep going because there are souls and lives at stake. Most people live comfortable lives seeking their own lives but I’ve been carrying my cross and following Him. I’m working for a kingdom most can’t see. 

They’ll say “sure I’ll follow Jesus but only as much as this” and they’ll point to the end of their couch or the end of their house or the end and premise of their city. 

I’m a layed down lover. I do it because His love broke through the deepest part of my heart and I’ve allowed Him to break my own strength. 

I can do nothing in my own strength. I boast in Christ alone. If He doesn’t move, I am literally in trouble. I’d been stuck in a country or sleeping on the streets or homeless with no food to eat. 

Yet, he has provided all that I need according to his riches in glory. Sometimes my needs are met by the people I am ministering to. 

But He is a good father and he will never leave nor forsake you. 

I am almost 8 months overseas and I’ve never missed one meal or had to sleep on the street once even if I had to sleep late looking for a place as the Lord directed.

I’ve seen the Lord speak to Muslims, the Lord speak in Vietnamese, the Lord heal wounded backs, I’ve seen people open their eyes to God through prophetic words, I’ve had hundreds and even thousands of divine encounters. 

Give- Consider sowing into the kingdom and into the hearts of people around the world. I am currently fundraising for what is ahead. Going to Christchurch, New Zealand today. Thank you in advance for obeying God – May the Lord bless you abundantly! 


please pray for:

1. Safety, protection by angels

2. Provision, finances

3. God to prepare the hearts of those I minister to

4. The city of christchurch


Prophesy for Souls


When we hear from God we prophesy and open up peoples’ hearts to who God is.

Yesterday I was walking behind a guy I saw at the hostel and I said- aren’t you from the hostel? He said yes. I said what’s your tattoo?

I said “can I pray for you?”

he said “yes but I’m not religious so you can pray for me but I’m not praying with you”.

“Okay no worries I’m praying for you and you are not praying with me”.

”right now??” He looked like he wanted to walk away. We were in the middle of the street. I touched his arms and closed my eyes.

“I see you djing. Do you DJ?”

He said “I used to as a little kid. How did you know that?” He looked a bit surprised. He started to talk about his love for music. He was from England.

When you are always talking to God and hearing from God, you prophesy to open peoples’ hearts to who God is.

Yesterday I felt led to go to the kitchen. There was a girl who was very against the institution of church having grown up in catholic school.

I said “I don’t like institution too. In fact I’m not religious either. Jesus came to destroy rules not to bind us. He came to set us free”.

I said “come. I will pray for you”.

I held her hand and said “I see people all around you criticizing you” she was shocked, she told me she was so criticized over a situation in her life that she came to New Zealand to escape. I won’t go into detail with what was happening but then I also saw an image of someone pulling her hair and God cuts her hair.

she said “I’ve been wanting to cut my hair! But I’m scared I won’t like it”.

I said “just do it. Life is about trying and living in freedom. God wants us to try without fear. He is cutting away criticism from your life”.

I could tell her whole face lit up. She didn’t seem skeptical anymore. I told her testimonies about God working in my 8 month journey. She said “for some reason I believe you!”

Because I spoke into her situation, I knew what was in her heart. We talked for A few hours, she no longer had her guard up. God loves her.

God knows what is in your heart. He is not concerned about you knowing things, He is longing for a heart connection.

A french man listened into my conversation with the woman. He tried to ask me theological questions but I said “I’m not here to debate about theology, I’m here to show you God’s heart”.

I asked to pray for him. I saw his heart being opened and light coming out of his heart. I said- God is opening your heart because you tend to analyze things with your mind, it’s your way of self protection.

Okay well, he tried to analyze the truth I spoke about his heart.

My job is to do heart surgery. Jesus always speaks into peoples’ hearts. He is a master of heart language. He is not a theologian, He is a heart master.

Give- Consider sowing into the kingdom and into the hearts of people around the world. I am currently fundraising for what is ahead. In one more night I’ll be going to Christchurch, New Zealand. Thank you in advance for obeying God – May the Lord bless you abundantly! 


Love is


Love takes risk

It isn’t afraid of failure 

It isn’t afraid of rejection or humiliation 

Love is bold

It says what’s on its heart

Love knows no bounds, has no limitations

There is no fear in love

There is no loss in love

You can’t lose from loving, you can only gain 

Heartache is our hunger for eternity where nothing begins or ends

Love is not logical 

It’s not mathematical. It cannot be explained or computed, measured or transacted. 

Love is illogical. It can’t be explained or understood by the mind but can only be felt with the heart. 

It crosses boundaries, institutions, organizations, structures, age limits, racial boundaries, and is often offensive. 

Our heart wants what it wants because we are searching for wholeness, we are searching to love beyond our humanity. 

Deep down we just want to be loved for who we are.

We suppress our desires because it seems wrong, but our hearts long in secret for that wild and passionate love. 

We don’t want the safe love, the clear cut, dry and boring love. We don’t want routine and if we long for safety and security we often get bored.

Life is much more than Netflix and chill. Life is much more than sitting on a couch and being numb. We are looking for adventure, a love that hurls us outside our comfort zone, that puts our hearts on the line. 

We are not looking for more rules to tell us how to love, we are looking for rule breaking love. 

Why do we keep loving when we know it won’t go anywhere, because we long for an eternal love…deep down we know heaven exists and that love is supposed to be eternal. 

People cross paths to experience this eternal and unconditional love. God has a way of expressing His love through and to people. 

Marriage sometimes ends in divorce because one or both have clung onto a safe love, unable and unwilling to be vulnerable, hoping the other would go first….hoping that you don’t have to be vulnerable first, to let down your pride, to say I need help, I’m not well, I’m scared to love.

Be the first to love, be the first to say what’s on your mind. This applies to any types of relationship. When we let our guards down, we allow love in.

We think that if we just play it safe and settle for a safe love we won’t get hurt, but the truth is our hearts will hurt from not being alive.

We think that if we just psycho-analyze every mistake we’ve ever made in love that we will never feel the pain of loving, but that just results in a dull love.

God’s love for us is vibrant. It is not a stale love, it climbs the highest mountains and faces the biggest humiliations. It has no fear in love.

Love isn’t about right  wrong but it is an expression of our hearts’ desire to be known and loved for who we are.

Give- Consider sowing into the kingdom and into the hearts of people around the world. 



Paul- Shipwrecked Experiences

I’m so tired I want to cry.

I just went through a similar Paul-shipwrecked experience. How I could have missed the dates, I don’t know. I booked the wrong dates. Instead of February I booked March and the whole city was fully booked.

A receptionist from Nepal in a hotel finally made an exception. He gave me the room that they usually hold onto in case of emergency. He had already rejected several guests.

God is a God of exception. His favor will find exceptions for you. Or He will provide more for the losses.

I slept at 4am after walking around the city at 3am trying to find a place to stay. I felt a lot of fear and lack waking up in the morning. There’s something real about not knowing where you are going to stay at night. It’s petrifying, scary. Even though I said out loud LORD MAKE A WAY, my heart was tense.

I met 5 drunk teenagers when I asked where I could stay and ended up laying hands on them, prophesying over them as I smelled their drunk pores. Sweet and helpful kids. It was a little too real.

I am currently in Auckland, New Zealand.

Prayers are much needed.

And of course finances as well.

Give- Consider sowing into the kingdom and into the hearts of people around the world.