Find Legitimacy in Christ and Not Churches

I woke up from a dream where someone told me not to go somewhere but I realized I still wanted to go.

(Breaking off the religious spirit and living in freedom)

As I was walking God started speaking.

He said “a lot of people seek legitimacy in a certain church and not necessarily in Christ’s finished work”.

Going to church becomes part of the works mentality.

There’s a teaching that has been going on for ages that teaches if you don’t go to a specific church or church in general you must have gone astray or it’s important to have a “covering” or spiritual mother or father.

Basically people live like they are orphans and feel “whole” when they have a church leader approve of them.

So many Christians I talk to feel like “they’re not enough” because they haven’t gone to church for years and they feel like they’ve been a bad Christian.

There’s no such thing as being a bad Christian. You are saved by the blood of Jesus alone and not church attendance or even service to God.

Thousands of Christians slip in and out of church without ever being in relationship with anyone they trust at church- so would that suffice as “being a good Christian?”

You are qualified by the grace of God alone, nothing else.

I believe church is God’s people, not a building or even a regular place of worship.

In the Bible the disciples broke bread often, praying for one another. Our times have changed where we can break bread and pray for one another on Skype. We can share prayer requests and struggles online.

Is that any less of fellowship? And if Holy Spirit leads you to be meet another brother and sister at a McDonald’s by “divine appointment” isn’t that just as much as what Paul did while he traveled?

Church is about supporting each other, praying for each other, being with people you can be vulnerable with.

If that’s church, I have many churches. I have a church in Michigan, one in Europe, one in LA. They are my prayer warriors.

Our sonship comes from knowing who we are in Christ, not which leaders approve of us.

In fact, God was truly solidifying by identity in Him when leaders at my old church rejected and outcasted me, cursing me to destruction.

He’s saying “can your identity be shaken by mere humans or is your identity solidified in Christ’s finished work”.

There are so many spiritual orphans that are looking for other Christian leaders’ approval but Christ has already approved of you with His blood.

You don’t need TD jakes to approve of you, you don’t need to be on Elijahlist to be a legit prophet or to know God speaks to you, you don’t need even me to affirm you.

That is why I always ask people-

“What is your heart saying?”

Because if we give people straight answers they’ll never learn to hear God for themselves and to trust that their hearts being led by the spirit.

If people don’t trust themselves, how will they ever realize the resurrected Christ is directing them from within?

Since you are righteous in Christ Jesus, you are free to choose and trust your heart to choose.

For too long churches have taught people not to trust their hearts and as a result we have religious church goers and not spirit led people.

Where the spirit is there is freedom.

I don’t believe in rules, Jesus came to abolish rules.

He fulfilled every law so we can live in freedom.

Now it’s simply trusting that is it Him speaking through your heart and desires.

It’s a partnership, not a slave and master relationship. It’s a friendship.


New leaf

I feel like I woke up from a deep sleep and I’m awakened.

The last couple of weeks and months have been intense, filled with God pushing me to do things I’m terrified of. Whether it’s praying for strangers, putting my heart out there in telling my story, overcoming uncomfortable nights where I had to tell people to shut down the noise.

In 2015 the Lord told me to sell everything and follow Him. I lost many friends and relatives in the process. At that time I also went to many countries and it was merely training. I wasn’t exactly out as a minister yet so it was purely following His spirit and having a taste of what it would look like to follow Him.

Since July I have met hundreds of people, maybe even a thousand.

I can remember each person’s so clearly as they told me their problems.

Sometimes they said I’m Muslim, sorry when I asked to pray for them. Others like the manicurist would look in wonder when I told her God has called her to be a preacher. As she looked down saying “I’m content where I’m at”.

Or others telling me they want a baby but they’re not sure if they want it with the one they’re with…and some asking me if he is the one?

I think we all know the answers deep down, so I just ask them “what is your heart saying?”

Since July I have been to Taiwan, Korea, Japan, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Thailand.

I’ve cried my share of tears. Some were tears of discomfort, some of being broken, some feeling the pain of those I minister to, some tears of pain.

I had diarrhea, infections, cold sweats. I had moments of feeling lost like when the bus dropped me off at the wrong place in Pretoria in the night, but God sent a stranger to give me a ride home.

That time a kind Christian gave me a ride to where I was staying from the airport.

I can remember holding hands with two girls on a top bunk praying as they repeated after me “lord I receive you into my heart”.

I remember the cold winds coming in the small tiny Hong Kong room with makeshift curtains and a woman who had all her possessions on more than half the bed.

Or little Blake who jumped from one couch to another with extreme energy.

I have heard so many stories and felt the pain of so many people hungry for an answer. Jesus the way the truth, how He loves them. In a short time I’ve prayed for thousands of people but I pray that more than anything they’d become closer to the Lord.

Prophetically we are turning a new leaf and God is restoring to us we have lost in the process of becoming more like Him.

It’s time to rejoice. It’s time to reap what we have sowed. God is gracious- the meaning of the name JOHN. I had a dream that a man named JOHN was waving at me and he had a Santa clause hat on and the Lord said look up the meaning of JOHN.

I pray that these seeds and harvest will grow.

Investing Into Eternity

Hi everyone! As Christmas is approaching, I am asking everyone to consider giving to this ministry (even $10-20 helps).

Everyday people are hearing the gospel of grace and the power of resting in Jesus’ finished work- people who normally would not hear it.

Yesterday a tattooed French man who God sat me next to who would normally have animosity towards anything religious but somehow when I told him about how God came to give freedom from rules – he was like wow.

And an Australian man who I sat next to at a Buddhist restaurant who had a tumor taken out of his brain also listened attentively as he asked “so what does it mean to believe in Jesus?”

Yes!! This is the grace I preach! Not the judgemental nonsense that binds people! Jesus came to free people!

I need your help! I can’t go to the next country the Lord is sending me to without your help. The Lord is sending me to my next people assignments and it is in Malaysia. I need to book my flight but I don’t have the funds- may the Lord send the ones who are supposed to give.

Consider sowing a seed into souls this Christmas instead of gifts that will end up at goodwill. Consider sowing a seed into heaven instead things that will rust on earth.

This Christmas I will spend my time not with my family but bringing the message of grace to people.

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So many people are saving for a house or car but are you saving for heaven?

Weeping With Jesus

Lately I have been weeping a lot.

I can feel the pain and hunger of every person I talk to. I see the lost eyes and the heart filled with sorrow, I see the weariness of life.

I weep because I can feel God’s love for them, I can feel the Lord approaching their hearts knocking “will you let me in?”

My heart weeps for a broken world looking for true love.

This love isn’t found in a romantic partner like some would think, it doesn’t come from parents or friends embracing you though it may fill a small void- but there is a God sized hole that only God can fill.

So I found myself weeping with Jesus.

We don’t see many people living radical lives because love is risky. And the way I live, requires that I open my heart all the way.

No reserve, no fear. I must be an open book. I must be vulnerable. I must share my deepest hurts and deepest fears. I share this because I rely on grace alone.

There are times I am rejected because of it.

There are other times I am betrayed because of it.

But then I turn to Jesus, the true healer.

And then I keep loving the Jesus loves, with no reserve, with no conditions, I keep going deeper and deeper, higher and higher, wider and wider.

I had a dream I was scuba diving into water, so deep.

When I think I can’t do it anymore, I can’t give anymore love, I can’t hear anymore painful stories, I can’t love anymore God widens my heart and He shows me “this is how much I love you”.

“I have no limits.

My love crosses mountains, dives into the deepest oceans, walks the darkest valley for the one.”

Even when everyone has given up on them, I haven’t.

This is my life calling.

I hold hands with girls who are ashamed of their scars from cutting themselves, I hold hands with ex-pimps and anoint them with the spirit, I hold hands with the unlikely, the unwanted….

And I say “the Lord is your Father, You are adopted. You are a child of God and not an orphan”.

It’s not me but the Lord loving through me, because in my flesh I can do nothing of my own.

Weeping with Jesus.

He is a lowly king. He is victorious king. He is the one who will pick up those everyone else has abandoned. Who is this king of glory? He who died for the least of us.

His love overwhelms me.

Are you willing to allow your heart to be broken over and over and allow God to heal it over and over again? Because this is how it feels to love people. This is how it feels to follow Jesus. It’s not a safe world- it’s a passionate, weeping filled world where every emotion is felt.

May you experience Jesus in an intimate way this Christmas.

With love, writing from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

To sow a seed:

Your contribution allows me to continue sharing the love of Jesus as I travel to where the Lord leads me.

Thank you so much! God bless you!

The Resurrected Christ Is Enough For You

As a pioneer, I come into many objections and accusations about what I’m doing.

But as I hear them, I hear Jesus say “you are enough”.

Many people rely on a church or organizations but as a pioneer, you live by and through the spirit and it is Christ alone that empowers you. The old ways of living does not work anymore.

God is calling us to leap and you may not have all the finances you want, the people to support you, the emotional support you want and need but in those times God is asking His people to look to Him and not to what they think they need to do what they’re called to do.

Many people who are called are currently living in a safety net built by human hands, they think an organization, a job, a relationship will give them the safety they need.

They think friends will give them the safety they need but I hear God say “I am all that you need”.


Pioneers, this is for you.


Are you someone who is led by the spirit and feel like no one understands or accepts you especially in the established churches? Has God led you to an unconventional way of living? Have you been scorned and judged for simply following Jesus? 

Then this training is for you.

Last night the Lord gave me a vision of people who were frozen and God sending pioneers to start fires in people’s hearts. He told me to start a Firestarters ecourse.

If you feel that God has called you to Pioneer new frontiers and need guidance or direction, this training is for you. He told me to charge $50 to make it accessible to people.

In this training you will have direct access to me as I help you through the maze of breaking off fears, generational mindsets and set you where you need to go. I will prophesy into your life. In addition you will be part of the exclusive Firestarters group on Facebook.

This is especially for those who have:
1. Chosen the path less taken
2. Have felt misunderstood, judged and rejected for your decision
3. Dont see anyone following Jesus the way you are
4. You are a Pioneer
5. Want to break free from the fear of lack, guilt, shame and get unstuck and live the life God has called you to

Sign up for the course by sending the course fee $50 to or

The videos will be made available to the public but the coaching and private group is part of the tuition fee.

Your obedience to Jesus will break ceilings and barriers your family and ancestors have put on your life. You will be able to see cycles broken and you’ll be able to live out your dreams without being halted and stopped.


Breaking The Curse

Written this morning

A husband is supposed to be your emotional support, a prayer partner, your spiritual support. They need to meet on the same level spiritually, otherwise they will be a hindrance to your faith and spiritual walk. Under the curse of Adam and Eve, Eve’s curse was that she would “long for her husband and her husband would rule over her”.

But Jesus broke that curse, so that Christian women should no longer need a husband in a soulish sense but she’s able to be whole without a husband.

Because Jesus becomes her all, just as for a man his identity is no longer in dominating a woman but submitting to Christ.

Is the man you’re interested in submitted to Christ? Are you submitted to Christ?

Are you allowing God to fulfill all your needs?

Or are you relying on someone to save you? Jesus is our savior.

Though God uses people to help us, as they are conduits of love, our trust should not be in man/woman but God alone.

Are you trusting in your job, location, boyfriend, girlfriend, person for financial stability or are you trusting in God-

God will test your loyalty and trust when He calls you to leave something you’ve trusted in, instead of Him.

Are you going to people for emotional support or are you going to God first? This will be tested in moments when you no longer have the friends you thought you’d have.

Is God your husband/wife? This will be tested when God asks you to have loyalty to Him and not the other half.

Do you look to people for acceptance? This will be tested when you have no one to look to for affirmation or acceptance.

If you make God your all you’ll see you’ll actually become fearless and unstoppable, the way God intended us to live.

For some, God hasn’t released your husband or wife to you because you would put them above God and worship them above the Lord. 

Would you be willing to surrender every promise God gives you because your loyalty and love is for God above all?

God isn’t a cruel God. He’s a loving God.

He knows when we put anything above Him, we will always unsatisfied.

Whether it’s a wife, husband, money, comfort, convenience, a career, our kids, a job, a location, our friends, what people think of us.

As long as we worship or idolize anything that is not God, we will experience and live in fear because we live in the constant fear of not being or having enough (or the fear of losing what we have) but when we put God first we live on an unshakeable foundation, a solid rock, a firm identity of being enough in Christ Jesus.

Our hearts come alive in Christ. Our lives come alive in God. The only way to freedom is giving your all to God and allowing Him to be your all.

He only asks us to surrender our all to Him because He is much more than anything or anyone we hold onto now.

In relationships, I often see a fear that holds people together, not love.

The fear of not being enough.

When he/she loses their other half. The fear of the unknown. The fear of the future.

But God is more than enough for you.

Before I came on this trip I had a dream where I was wearing a wedding dress on an airplane. As days progressed, my dreams progressed. One day in September I had a dream I got married.

In our relationship with God, there are stages.

Some of us are just dating God, we are not willing to commit to God because of it’s fear. We’re afraid He’s not a good father/husband.

We’re afraid He will leave us like our Fathers did.

We’re afraid He won’t provide for us as our father didn’t. We’re afraid He won’t keep His word like our fathers didn’t.

Though I still have fears and I battle doubt God always calms my fears.

I remember all the times He brought me through. I remember when I was lacking and He fed me. I remember when I felt alone and He was there. I remember our history.

That is why I am committed to Jesus, because He’s never failed me and I’m willing to walk as far as I can on water, on faith in this lifetime and not miss a single miracle He wants to do in and through me.