It’s easy to get jaded and to do things that after awhile you wonder who you are. The truth is my relationship has been on and off but I’ve learned to not be afraid of love.

Recently I was working on projects and I started to feel fake. The Tik Tok stuff, the social media stuff that brands wanted just felt fake. And I had to start asking myself, is this what I really want to do?

I want to tell my story and sure I’m very good at UGC videos and everything but what story am I telling.

Am I telling my own story or am I tell the narrative of another company.

So back to square 1, who am I?

What do I represent. I am a Christian and I love God. I like to play and I like being childlike.

Being a child of God means that I get to play in life, I get to be a child and not take care of everyone. I get to enjoy my life.

Today I went to the beach and I just played. I saw a gopher and it was so fun. I also went to the movies and I cried. I ate ice cream and had Guilin noodles.

I felt full and I enjoyed my life.

When is the last time you enjoyed your life?


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