Acting Coaching


I’ve had a lot of people ask me how they can start acting or being in the entertainment industry. I’ve invested a lot of time into acting and booking jobs. This year I booked a commercial with He Gets Us, all by myself with no agent or manager. I did at one point have a manager but I decided to let them go, I felt like I was finding more jobs by myself. I booked a game show by myself and was able to get a good winning. I was in many viral videos, booked 2 television shows again by myself.

So if you’re looking to book actual jobs that pays, not necessarily just “acting” gigs but other things too, such as YouTube shows, I’d love to help someone.

This industry can be really difficult.

Find me on IG – rebekkalien and DM me. There will be a cost. Please DM me for info! God Bless!

Reel Youtube-



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