Your Soulmate Is Coming

Each morning I hear the Lord tell me “your soulmate is coming”. I walk by this new restaurant that is opening up called soulmate. It’s a reminder of God’s promise.

I felt in my Spirit to write this.

Dear husband,

I’m excited to meet you. For some reason, everyone else feels like a foreigner. I feel close to people but I know what I want now. I want a best friend, someone I can talk to for hours and it’s strange because I am meeting more people like that. I meet men that I can talk to for hours now. I understand what it means to have someone affirm you. I didn’t have that before. Yesterday I met someone who kept saying I am beautiful. I know you’ll be someone who will often affirm me and make me feel secure in your love for me and I will do the same for you. You won’t be disgusting to me, you’ll warm my heart. Your hands are familiar, they are known. I know that I will not have to walk on any eggshells to talk to you, it’ll be like I’ve known you for years.

There is no fear in my love for you. There is no awkwardness, there is no forcefulness, just ease.

I call you when I want to and you do the same, there’s no rules or fear in communication.

You don’t touch me from a place of lust, but a place of love. Your hands are familiar, not foreign. You’re not here to take from me but to give to my spirit. You love the Lord the same way I do and you don’t love from a place of fear, but a place of ease and comfort. You understand your identity in Christ, you’re grace filled. We love to adventure together and we love to travel together. You focus on me, no one else, your eyes don’t divert. There is no feelings of insecurity.

I’m excited to meet you, and maybe I’ve already met you. I pray God protect you, keep you pure and I pray that you will know the BEST IS COMING and not try to settle for less. I’m your best and you are my best! Many people doubt me and tell me I should not wait for marriage to have sex but I trust that you are doing the same. I tell them that God has the best for me and I freely receive the BEST God has for me.

Rebekka Lien

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