Testimony of God Leading Me To A Man Who Broke Down And Cried

I have never seen a man cry like this but it was what I needed to see.

He told me that he had been praying for a wife and he had nobody else, that his mom died. The Lord gave me knowledge when I was on the dance floor that there was someone I needed to meet. He said “go to the middle” of the dance floor. I looked around and suddenly someone grabbed my arm. Honestly at first, I thought he was creepy but then when I asked if he was Christian he said yes. When God gave me knowledge that his mom died I asked about his mom and he immediately started crying.

He didn’t understand why God sent me there when he was trying to have fun.

I said that sometimes you need to cry and breakthrough, not have fun, plus most people were on drugs and I don’t really think that’s fun. I hugged him and said that he was not an orphan but a child of God. I could feel the love of God towards my heart and towards his heart. He told me he had also been praying for a wife and he wanted either an Asian or black woman. He said that he was tired of being alone and persecuted and blamed for things that was not his fault. He quit gang banging, quit selling drugs and is going to school but yet things are getting harder. I said that the right path is always hard. He said he could get a woman in a second when he was in a gang. I believe that’s why God led me to him. To show him that there are woman who are following God’s path and they’re worth being with. He had invited me to his hotel and I said that I am actually waiting until marriage to have sex. Plus to be honest I was not interested in him but I could understand his desire for company (even on separate beds).

I just woke up from a dream where I was in Monrovia waiting in line to watch a movie and then I met some guy. Then I ran into a high school friend named Oreo, I asked if she wanted to watch a movie and we chose a movie that cost $28.21 and I was like “this is really expensive” but I guess it’s worth it. When I woke up I heard to go to Monrovia, so we shall see who I meet!

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