I Am So Glad I Am Waiting Until Marriage

Yesterday someone said “it’s nice to just get to know someone without an ulterior motive” (referring to trying to get sex).

The amount of men that have written me on dating apps “sorry I didn’t read your bio but that’s not what I’m looking for” is astounding. Some online dating apps can basically be meat markets but God will lead the right ones to me, meaning the ones who actually still have a soul and heart. They are curious about a life higher than satisfying their flesh. I get to educate them about emotional maturity, connection and their identity as a child of God.

“You deserve the world”- I heard God say.

I’ve had guys guilt trip me about how far they had to drive to pick me.up. I grew up in a culture where hook up culture is normal and where girls drive to guys, where girls go over like a hooker, giving a guy what they want, flesh and body, no soul, no heart. I grew up in a culture where not only men are looking for instant gratification, but women are too. In fact men tell me there are not many women looking for relationships.


I KNOW THEM, a lot of them!

I had to overcome guilt trips where men didn’t know my worth and tried to guilt trip me about the effort they need to put in. I know how it feels like to be treated right, but it took a long time to understand and I’m glad I am waiting for marriage.

IF I didn’t wait until marriage, I don’t think I know how it feels to be treated like a princess.

I had to develop in emotional maturity to spot emotional maturity. I had to learn to confront people with hard truths myself to see if a male is able to do so. I thought I was ready for marriage but God had to fine tune me, teach me, train me through dating, through learning to confront the hard things.

I had to learn to express myself and cry in front of others, I had to express my needs and desires without apology.

Sex is such an instant gratification that men and women don’t develop how to communicate with each other first if they don’t build on the basis of love and communication. You do not need to communicate for sex, especially if you are self serving. I pray for our generation that our youth will understand the importance of communication and love.

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2 thoughts on “I Am So Glad I Am Waiting Until Marriage

  1. Joseph Dominguez

    You GO Girl,”!! Your good Friends are Your path, I Understand Your grace ,.. God’s Bessing’s are the highest ,.. Stay Strong,..Honor ‘Love,’ your friend,..Joseph,.”

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