Healing From Past Hurts

IMG_4826.jpgAre you currently dating? Single? Are you scared to get hurt? And why? What has your past experiences been like?

Answer in the comment box!

I am currently dating.

I am afraid to get hurt. Even though I like to cry a lot anyways.

Yesterday I saw this waitress I met a few times at the restaurant. I felt led to go eat there. I told her about waiting until marriage to have sex and she told me she wish she waited because maybe she wouldn’t have gotten married in her 40s, with a child. Then maybe her son would still be alive today.

I told her she no longer needed to regret the past because she is righteous in God’s eyes. 

I said none of it was her fault.

My stomach felt upset and I didn’t know why. I realize that sometimes I overthink things.

I question my decisions because I’ve gotten hurt in the past so I want to shut down and not open up again. My past relationship traumatized me and I said “I won’t get into a relationship unless he is my husband”. It was a long time ago but it really f#$6 me up.

For some reason God is bringing the same situations into my life to heal the past.

“I forgive myself for the past” I said.

I even cried thinking about how I hurt my ex. He would always say “someday you’re going to meet your husband and leave me”. Eventually I did leave him, but not because I met my husband.

So do we live scared? Or do we live life? 

Do we take chances? 

Take chances, even though the consequences aren’t always ideal.

I had an emotional breakthrough yesterday. I felt numb for a few days, couldn’t feel my emotions for some reason. I was scared of pain. But I cried and I realized that it’s okay to love.

I always asked God “why do I keep loving that which will not last?”

God- I’m breaking off the fear of loss.

Do you want to overcome the hurdles that keep you from stepping out? 

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Love you!

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