Prayer request- Continue to pray for me as God has given me Hollywood as a spiritual territory.
God is leading me to people in West Hollywood everyday.
Continue to pray for me as the Lord leads me everyday to lost sheep.
Today I had a divine appointment. He was a lyft driver, we talked for a long time. He said he had no friends, he is on asylum in America and can’t go back to his country to be with his family because he is waiting for his papers. We drove by the beach and I had a dream about the beach and the ocean. He was Christian, but afraid to trust people, afraid to open his heart.
I had a dream I was prophesying to many men. I was going up stairs. 
Then the Lord told me to go to the Abbey and outside I met a taiwanese older gentleman that I met before. He asked if I wanted to talk to his friend and so I talked to his Singaporean friend on the friend.
I walked to the dog park and felt led to go inside. I talked to a few people but I got the weird look, like why is she in here when she doesn’t have a dog. Eventually I met a guy who was a dance instructor. His dog had a necklace on her. We went to go eat and talked for a long time. He said he was adopted at the age of 1. He said he was going to leave but felt led to walk into the small dog park even though he technically had a big dog. His dog’s name was “OCEAN”.
He said he really needed new friends too. He had felt betrayed by his friends when he needed help and no one helped him when he was homeless and living in his car.
Then I bumped into another man who was divorced and we talked for awhile. I asked if he was Christian and he said he did believe. We went to go eat and talked for awhile.
My day was filled with divine appointments. I didn’t have one moment of being alone really.
SAY YES. So basically there is no lack in God’s kingdom because when you seek God’s kingdom first, you have no lack. You are flowing in the ocean of God. There is ALWAYS food to eat. There is always Love. 


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