Experiencing Love

I was afraid to feel my emotions.

But I knew that I needed to let love in.

After I broke up with my ex in 2014, it traumatized me so much the thought of getting close to someone and then breaking up scared me.

It’s just going to end, I’d think….so why bother?

But what God is teaching me is it’s okay to feel, the pain, the joys, the happiness of the moment, instead of constantly thinking about the future. It’s for now, for today, not for tomorrow. Why delay the love you can experience now because you’re concerned about tomorrow. 

So tell people how you feel.

Admit that you like or love them.

It’s not about owning a person but expressing and experiencing love. 

You are worthy of love, of feeling your emotions.

I don’t need to keep you, I just want to love you. You deserve love. I don’t own you neither do I own you. 

You deserve to be loved. This I know.

Are you ready to let love in? Even though it may hurt, even though you may cry. 

I didn’t understand why I liked someone who is not going to be my husband but I realize it’s okay to like or love someone. Even when you get married, you have to love without fear of loss. You love because it’s human to.

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