Must Read Revelation To Set You Free

WE don’t win people over to Jesus with our actions, we win people over to Jesus by saying look how imperfect I am but how finished the work of grace is. I’m made new and whole because of Jesus blood!

Yes look at how incapable I am but how capable God has been despite my ineptness.

I wish they taught this at church growing up. We are not to point to how loving we are or how great our performance is, but the finished work of Jesus which made us whole.

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Dear mom,

I am so glad I failed you and I’m glad I’m living on a cot. I’m glad I don’t have the career you want me to have and I didn’t go to seminary. I’m glad you don’t understand me and I’m glad you can’t boast about me to your friends.

Why? Because then you won’t try to get approval or worth from my performance or achievements.

Then you can find your self worth from Jesus Christ, knowing you’re a child of God.

I’m glad I disappointed you.

I hope you can then turn to Jesus for your self worth, and not put your hopes and dreams into me.

You’re a child of God.

I’m a child of God.

We can now be set free from trying to be each other’s happiness.



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