Vision For The New Year 2020


As much as I wanted to go back to sleep, my brain started running and I realize I needed to write down what I was hearing from the Lord.

This year I need your help to partner with me and see more of God’s purposes come to life: My goal is to raise $2020 a month, for now to cover (God willing) a place for me to move into (God willing to create a house church) and when God allows, a car. Please be in prayer for me.

The vision for 2020-

  1. To make disciples and bring the knowledge Jesus to those who don’t know Him.
  2. To set believers free from shame, condemnation and fear and train “freedom fighters” to set others free. To train people in hearing God and following His heart.
  3. To expand my reach via social media, blog, podcast and youtube and preach the message of GRACE AND FREEDOM
  4. To create a community of believers, bring together the misfits and believers who are spirit filled or have been rejected by traditional churches
  5. To be a light in the entertainment industry and whatever God calls me into

Yesterday I asked a lady on instagram for donations as the Lord had instructed me to do, but she claimed that if God wanted her to give, the holy spirit would have moved her. In addition, God would have told me that she didn’t have money.

I immediately sensed a religious spirit. 

In fact, I know fear is a stronghold in many believers. When I first started fundraising I was afraid what people would think of me. Would they believe that I was actually a prophet? Would they think I was lying? Would they judge me?

This is a “fear of men”- meaning it’s a fear of what people would think and God wants to break that off believers. 

Another misconception from the religious mindset is that “if you trust God” you will not ask people to give. 

You are robbing people of the right and privilege of giving. God multiplies every seed that you give. Do you think the enemy doesn’t know that? That is why he plants seeds of doubt and lies in peoples’ mind to make them think that it is shameful for a prophet, leader, pastor to ask for money. The enemy wants you to think that preachers of the word just want your money. 

When you think you don’t have any money you will not give, but God’s kingdom stems from seeds.

The misconception is that if you’re doing something altruistic, you should do it without asking for anything in return. 

Again, that is a religious mindset.

You give seeds of finances to break YOURSELF free from bondages of fear (the fear of lack and feeling of not being enough).

It is a spirit of mammon that most people are in bondage to- not a spirit of sonship.

People define their worth by how much they have, not who they are. 

You are a son and daughter of God, not someone defined by what you have.

That is why in order to break off the spirit of lack and mammon I had in my life God told me to sell everything to follow Him. So I gave everything I had away. Because I was defining my life by what I had, not WHO I was or who GOD was for me (the father and the provider). 

Why does God tell me to ask people for donations instead of God inspiring people to give? Yes, sometimes He does. He inspires people to give.

But often times, He tells me to ask.


  1. Because there is no fear in love.
  2. Ask and you shall receive.
  3. Breakthrough comes from perseverance and not living in fear.
  4. Because He is training people to communicate

The disciples in the bible didn’t live in their head. They asked their family to financially support them in preaching the message of grace. They didn’t sit there and say “I’m trusting God”, they acted upon what God spoke to them. Elijah asked a widow for food, Esther spoke up to the King, Paul asked believers to give.

God does not give us a spirit of FEAR. So yes, I might be misunderstood by some but I will still do what God tells me. GOD GAVE US A MOUTH TO SPEAK. The reason a lot of ministers don’t ask for help is because of the fear of men and low self worth (which is also a spirit of lack).


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