It’s Not Your Fault

It’s not your fault or their fault.

In fact we do the best we can with what we know.

And if we don’t know much, we can’t do what we don’t know.

So no it’s not their fault they betrayed you, they were wrought with shame, they didn’t know how to be honest, they hid behind a mask.

It’s not your fault you cut them off. Your mental health was at risk.

It’s not my fault my dad left our family. He didn’t have the capacity to love.

He wanted to be with other women. His heart wanted that.

So whatever your heart wants, you can’t blame it.

Only God can transform our hearts. Not by our own self will and you surely cannot so anything out of guilt or obligation.

God always transforms us from the inside out. Not through guilt or force.

He always changes us through an unceasing love and grace.

If someone has no capacity to show love to you, don’t force them.

Love comes from the inside, it’s natural, not forced.

They didn’t leave because you’re unlovable. They left because they left.

Sometimes we are just not meant to be together, our paths cross but are not meant to last forever.

It’s not your fault and it’s not their fault.

Only God can change peoples’ hearts.

When I realize that the pressure is not there anymore to try harder. Because it’s not my fault they’re not willing to open their hearts to love or to give love.

I am enough and whoever is supposed to be in my life for a season is there for a reason. I accept that and I can move on knowing it wasn’t anyone’s fault and I don’t have to keep rescuing a sinking ship.

I tried to rescue my mother from her low self esteem. I tried to rescue my dad from his shut down heart but no matter how much I spoke life over them I got even more hurt in return.

So this pattern recycled itself. I found myself rescuing people but then soon realized they needed to find help in God alone.

I don’t have to carry anymore false responsibility. It’s so freeing.

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