I Deserve To Be Happy

You deserve to be happy and you do not need to sacrifice yourself to be deemed worthy.

You are valuable just as you are.

Growing up I felt like my worth was based on how much I was helping others.

So I often sacrificed my time, energy, everything to listen and help others, often neglecting my own dreams, desires and wants.

I started to see that it was important to take care of my own needs and desires.

If you google over helping, it’s actually a real addiction. Sometimes when you are stressed you look to help others as a way to overcome your own stress, it’s projecting.

There needs to be a balance.

Here are some questions-

1. Are others supporting you the way you’re supporting them? If not, ask.

2. Are you treating yourself the way you need to be treated?

In what I do I often find that I am faced with fears and unknowns, in those moments I feel like I am neglecting myself and I’m not sure if I can trust God.

I give a lot of love, and my gifts, talents especially prophetic giftings to others, teaching them as well.

So I need to ask God and people for donations in return. And I need to ask for the emotional help I’m in need of myself.

And I need to make sure I’m not running myself dry trying to help others.

I need to learn to set boundaries.

What does boundaries look like for you?

Sometimes the people God sends me to are carriers of small gifts, like a ride to my accommodation, a hug, company. They touch me through their friendship and love.

Be aware of those that continually drain you.

When my mom was in town I often felt drained by her so God would tell me to leave the house.

This girl grew up jehovah witness and catholic. She said she had cut her vacation short to be with her son and God had us meet by divine appointment.

Some divine appointments in Mexico

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