Jesus Loves Them Too and Praying For Man With Panic Attack

“So what do you do?”- he asked.

“I’m a pastor, prophet”

“Wait, what? And you’re okay with this?”

We are standing in front of a photo red carpet area and someone has a jacket with Jesus on his back. It says “altar boy”, but not what you think. The poster says lead you to temptation and has photos of men in pieces of leather around their butts.

I say, “yes. God loves you and everyone”.

He says “wait, can you prophesy over me?” He’s getting excited. I say “yes of course”. I say “I see you playing piano and teaching”. “I’m a painter! And I’m a teacher”. He’s not just a painter, he’s incredible. He’s talented. He’s an oil painter and he did a show in New York. He is a half filipino and Pakistani and his parents are catholic and one is muslim.

I wake up and realize “well how much I underestimate and undervalue myself. I too am amazing, brave, talented, bold, much more than what I describe to others because I’ve been undervalued by others who didn’t see my true worth”.

Everytime God tells me to go to The Abbey, it’s a struggle because I don’t have much energy. But in the back of my mind I hear God say DON’T GIVE UP.

I have to usually rent a car per hour and drive 30 minutes across LA. Sometimes it is 10 pm and I’m tired, bur there is almost always divine appointments. I can’t say ministry is easier in LA because it’s always an act of faith and obedience.

The night before the Lord led me to Ross and I was weirded out that I was in Ross for such a long time but a dress drew me back in. Behind me I noticed a man shaking and I went straight to him to pray for him.

I started casting out the spirit of fear and affirming God’s love over him.

People were watching, one man said YES JESUS. He came over to lay hands on him.

Later on they called the ambulance…I was a bit shocked by what happened but asked the christian man for a ride home.

He said he used to go to a house church but now attends another church. We talked and prayed for an hour.

I didn’t expect to be casting out demons in the middle of Ross. I got a bit angry at God because that night satan came to try to lie to me. I felt that maybe I didn’t do enough to hep the man but God said, “no you acted in faith, and that is enough”.

Give and partner with me to bring lost sheep home-