Divine Appointments On the Plane & Korea- Pray For Me!

I just arrived in Korea and the first day I was feeling hesitant about where I was staying. I walked out of the accommodation as I wasn’t feeling peace at first and God told me to go back. My divine appointment was an Algerian. We had similar family background and growth stories. We talked about how “just because you’re born doesn’t mean you owe your parents” which I had no idea was also in Algerian culture. I was explaining grace to her but she said grace is something so difficult to wrap your mind around.

Just now I woke up with a super crazy leg cramp. I was casting out the spirit of infirmity in Jesus name and praying in tongues.

The truth is God has been doing a deep work in my heart and sometimes I’m freaking scared. I’m scared to be vulnerable but I know God means good to me….because only in vulnerability can you grow in intimacy.

I thought I’d be in LA but God sent me out again. I was happy to minister to the people in La, there did not seem to be a lack of people who needed a word from God or needed to hear about grace.

But now, I found myself filled…..

To the brim with anointing.

This time on the airplane God sat me next to a girl who studied abroad in America. I tried to move a few times but every time someone would come to sit where I changed seats to.

Upon sharing what I do i learned she was extremely nervous about an upcoming plastic surgery. She told me how they messed up 2 times and she had an infection. She told me how others care about relationships or career, but all she cares about is getting the nose she wants.

I said that I could understand and I started to share about the grace of Jesus that frees us and shows us we are enough. I prayed that whatever she decided on that God will protect her.

The grace of God shows you that He has already taken on every blemish on the cross and you’re no longer blemished- you are whole in God’s eyes because of Jesus’ sacrifice.

Please pray that the seed would be planted in peoples’ hearts as they listen.

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