Arise Pioneers Online Class

Videos every week to help you overcome the obstacles to living your dreams –

1. Overcome fear, rejection, judgment, lack by reclaiming your identity!

2. Rewire your spirit and brain for success

3. Empowering videos to change your life and break you free of fear and blockages

4. Actionable steps and worksheets to write down your vision and create a blueprint to your achieving and living your dreams

5. Prophetic word for each individual

6. Impartation of faith and anointing to step into your wildest dreams

Coaching videos will be posted on Facebook group. You will have unlimited access to it!

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This is an opportunity to connect with me and get the help you need to step out of fear and live the courageous life God has called you to.

Dreamers and pioneers- it’s time to come out of hiding!

Have you been wanting to start a blog? Have you been wanting to write a book? Have you been wanting to start a ministry or business? Have a dream to be in Hollywood? Want to go back to school?

Often it’s not the steps that scare us, but the fears or the possibility of failure or judgment.

My job is to help you name the lies and delete the hindrances! And set you free to soar!

Fears are spiritual blockages, they are strongholds that keep us in confinement but God wants to set you free. There are limiting beliefs that say you’re not good enough but we will confront the beliefs that hinder you from moving into your promised land.

I will speak about personal experiences and impart the breakthroughs that have set me free to set you free!

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Please email me if you have any questions, please include a note on the payment with your email and contact info.