Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries is very important in life. When you don’t set boundaries you have codependent relationships. So I’m back In LA and it’s been a year and a half since I really lived with my mom.

I am so much more sensitive to control and fear than before. I used to hang out with my mom and start to feel weighed down or oppressed from her words of accusations, but now I have so much more discernment to walk away when it’s hurting my spirit.

I’m in a tight place right now where I know I’m transitioning into the next season and know God is aligning me with where I need to be.

Marriage is one thing God is preparing me for. Friendships is another He has been building in my life.

But the tight place of learning to love my mother but still protect my heart and spirit is vital.

Today we were spending time together and I started to feel weighed down. We wanted to do different things but she was accusing me a lot.

I told her to go home or do what she wanted as I wanted to be alone. I could feel the spirit of lack and control weigh down on me and started to pray in tongues. I try to tell her what God is saying but she thinks I’m crazy, she doesn’t believe it’s God speaking to me.

Sometimes in order to protect your heart you need to set boundaries with people who constantly thwart it. You need to learn to step away.

I headed back on a bus and felt lack so strongly I fell asleep and suddenly was jolted awake at my stop. Thank you Jesus for waking me up. I ran out the bus like whew!

Sometimes people try to control you out of fear. They feel like by controlling you they can control their own lives but it’s important to let them know that you cannot be controlled.

Don’t submit to other people, learn to wield your own power. Speak your mind and set boundaries.

Today I pray you will find your voice and speak up for yourself. I pray you find the power in God to set healthy boundaries.

It doesn’t mean you have to be isolated, it just means you can be in healthy relationships that don’t jeopardize your well being.

You need to learn to say “yes” to yourself. And sometimes no to others. You need to learn how to live your own happy life without needing peoples’ approval.

“I need to be alone right now”.

“I need space”.

Or “I want to spend time with you”.

Or “I don’t feel like talking right now”.

You have a right and agency to choose.

Some people are not safe to be around and it’s important to set even more boundaries with them. If it’s your own family, it’s important to voice your emotions to them and see if they’re willing to change to honor your heart.

I would have never moved back home if God didn’t ask me to.

I know I’ll be going places again. But for now I’m praying for the strength to stand firm and set boundaries when I need to.

Who do you need to set boundaries with in your life? If you’re interested in coaching, link is below. Cheers!

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