The Cost Of Love

You don’t really understand love until you sit with Jesus, His fear stained face, a holy sacrifice, the spikes on his head, body torn for us.

You don’t understand the cost of love until you see Jesus for real.

You want His blessings but do you see His love? Will you sit and cry and marvel “oh how you love me?” like the women who saw the love, the love, there was a cost to His blood.

I made a huge sacrifice in my life to forsake everything and follow Jesus. It was a huge sacrifice to surrender when the cost would be to be persecuted and rejected by my own family, to be laughed at by my peers, to be misunderstood and labeled “lazy”.

I gave up careers that could have been lucrative to pastor lost sheep and people who may never remember me again, or who don’t even know the sacrifice I’ve given, my life, my heart.

The world goes seeking gold but they don’t know the gold of love.

They want fame and they don’t know the love.

They want more likes but they don’t know the rich love that satisfies the soul. Oh the love.

They want a man or a woman but they don’t know the Man who dripped with His very own blood in loyal sacrifice.

He says “oh my love is so perfect, why do you seek other lovers and give yourself away like a prostitute, less than one, you are so worthy of love, you are not common, I died for you, that’s how much you are worth”.

My tear stained cheeks I cry Jesus, oh how you love.

How you love me.

Your love is perfect.

How good you are. You are beautiful beyond words.

You’ll never understand love if you don’t understand God’s love for you. It’s a big love that made me leave everything in my life to follow Him.

My life is a love letter to God.

Many people say “wow, I could never do that”. They say that because they don’t know the cost of love and they’ll never understand what it means to be free because true love sets you free.

Jesus set me free, He set me free from fear, from needing peoples’ approval, from rejection and judgment, He said “you are free, not a slave, you are my child”.

I’ve gotten victory!!! And I live from victory!

I spent last year not knowing where God would lead me but going after His beloveds. I felt His love for people in a way I never experienced before, it broke my heart. This year I’m continuing to follow this amazing Father. He is so good.

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