Divine Appointment in Goa

Today I arrived in Goa and was feeling a bit worried about the future. See worry always robs us of our present.

But when I arrived to the guesthouse I decided to walk around and just heard God say “stay around here”. Remember every place I stay at is clearly pointed out by God. There is never one place I stay at where I pick it based on location or price, God always tells me exactly which one to pick because of the divine appointments there or nearby.

So I didn’t go far. I noticed a doubletree hotel and decided to go in and sit around. I also noticed a pool.

The night before I had a dream I was swimming and got out to shower but then fell back in the pool and was annoyed. I thought I should build the exit closer instead of having to swim and get wet again.

I also dreamed I dove deep and saw two seals except they were hairy men and they were being photographed. The dream was so vivid I woke up.

Anyways I went back to my guesthouse and after awhile felt like I should eat out. Once again I felt led to go back near doubletree hotel and felt led to eat at a restaurant nearby (like the dream where I go back to swim).

After I heard God say “get a drink”. I thought that’s strange I haven’t wanted to drink for so long. When I went to order a drink I saw the pool and decided that I had to swim, so I ran back to the guesthouse and changed. I ran back to doubletree for the 3rd time. I had just dyed my hair and didn’t want to get my hair wet the day before but there was a boldness in my spirit.

I talked to the pool attendant for awhile, revealing to him that I was not staying there.

Then I suddenly had the urge for chocolate cake. After some time one of the bartenders suggested I eat at the bar as there were too many mosquitoes.

This led me to eat at the bar and I started talking to the bartender.

“I see you traveling and going to London!” I said. A vision flashed before me.

He said he loves English people. He wants to get a brutish citizenship. I said anything is possible. We talked for about an hour or more and he said he was Muslim, I told him that Jesus loves Him and died on the cross for Him.

I also told him that he should write and start a blog as God showed me a vision of him writing.

I am amazed at how God leads me to the people that need a prophetic word and a touch from heaven.

I feel fresh courage today because to be honest I felt so much lack and intimidation the last few days. I had thoughts that slowed me down and made me afraid to speak my truth and prophesy over people.

Today I suddenly heard God clearer than ever and was not afraid.

Even if it’s God asking me to do strange things like ask for 5 rupees, which of course he didn’t have.

I said 5 is the number of grace, and explained grace to him.

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