First Week In India

My Airbnb hosts that I found super last minute. There were several change of plans. But God led me to where I needed to be.

I had many fears of coming to India. People told me “be careful, people get raped there. People don’t respect women”.

Sure people do stare but God sent angels to help me on my first day. In fact it was someone I met in San Francisco in a hostel that God specifically led me to. At that time I didn’t know if I could afford a room. Seriously.

And God said “go there”.

They had a deal where you got $1 off each passport stamp, the manager just gave me the first day for free as she didn’t have the energy to count them. Then I proceeded to tell her about my work.

She gave me 3 more nights for free.

So when God says He provides all of our needs according to His riches in glory He means it and when we put His kingdom first, He does provide!

The Indian man I met told me “when you come to India just call me”. The first day I got cheated by rickshaw drivers and seriously thought “I need help”.

I then contacted that Indian man and within a few minutes he arrived with 2 friends.

God works all things together for those who love Him.

The Spirit proceeded to take me to where I needed to go.

I had a dream my new friend was going on a business trip on Wednesday and sure enough he was, so I am going to a new city and then flying out to Mumbai.

One person I met told me he was getting an arranged marriage and I told him I saw him backpacking and traveling. There are societal expectations but I said you don’t have to conform. He jokingly said to his mom, I’m quitting my job and not getting married!

I shared my story of leaving everything behind to follow Jesus. Maybe my story is more about gaining freedom from societal expectations and hindrances like fears. Fears of judgment from family and peers. I often have to explain that I am not understood in my own house. A prophet is not welcomed in his own town- because of that Jesus could not perform miracles because of peoples’ unbelief.

The day before I left for India, my mom was yelling at me whilst I cried myself to sleep.

You think it is easy to follow your own path? Hell no. I’ve encountered so much resistance and persecution even from my family.

Sometimes we need to leave what we know to truly become and understand who we are.

Indians are so close to their family, much more than Chinese people. But there’s also a lot of expectations.

Personally I don’t think it’s healthy but again I’m a bit Americanized. My family isn’t exactly close, we are almost estranged.

Yet, each one has their own decision to make.

Live your path or live inside the box of culture. Jesus did not live inside his family’s expectations. His mother came looking for Him and He said “my mother and father are those who do the will of God”.


That’s a bit harsh. But His words break expectations.

You will not always be liked by people when you hear God and listen. People will find you disagreeable as they can’t control you.

You are unpredictable. You can’t give hard plans as God may redirect you. You don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Your direction is God and He is the one who directs you.

So I found it a bit annoying when people kept asking me- what are you going to do now, you want to eat, take a shower, go to the market?

I know it’s their concern and care for me, but I found I needed serious headspace. Freedom, what is it? The ability to think and act for one self. Do you live in freedom??

India is much better than I expected. I am grateful for how hospital and loving people are but my desire is also to see people live in complete freedom. I really respect the bond people have with each other here.

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