Taming Lions & Healing The Sick

First day in India.

It’s 10pm and I’m at my friend’s friends house praying for his parents and prophesying.

Wait- oh yah I met this friend in San Francisco. He was a bunk mate on top of my bed at the hostel. See how God works all things together for good? He said, when you come to India I’ll help you.

Rewind to the plane. I first sit next to a business man, then the kids behind me keep kicking my seat….I ask to move seats and end up next to a family but the kid again, so I move behind them to give them more room and meet a Japanese girl who lives in Spain.

I met a flight attendant while waiting for the bathroom and her name is grace. She says she has problems hearing on an airplane so I ask to pray for her ears and she says she is also Christian. I hold her ear while outside the bathroom.

Ummm let’s just say the warfare has amped up but so has the fruit. I have stomach problems, adjusting to the food, the ac sounds like a construction going on next door, and I wake every few hours.

I got lied to by a rickshaw driver, took me to some fake tourist place because my SIM card was not activated yet and I couldn’t use the WiFi to order Uber or book accommodation.

They left me there and demanded money. Then some kind rickshaw driver took me to another place. I met a Muslim tour sales dude who tried to sell me a tour but then instead I prayed for his heart to be healed from a miscarriage in his family.

Topics like this kind of come up when you’re talking.

10 minutes into finally getting into a hotel in the so called “slums”, my new friend that I met in San Francisco says “we are coming in 5 minutes”.

We eat, I’m full, I get bloated, actually feel like diarrhea coming on. He says “do you want to come visit my friend with me? Actually you can pray for them. They are sick”.

45 minutes later, some cows and dogs that we walk by, dirt paths, I’m in a home with 10 other people, kids, adults.

I’m asked to pray for one who has cancer and another with liver problems. I start prophesying “you need to forgive yourself, someone betrayed you, etc”. I’m prophesying “I see bricks on your shoulders, cast them on Jesus”. They are mostly Hindu but I am talking about Jesus.

“Actually my daughter’s name is Grace, I love Christ so much” the son says to me. I say “be filled with the Holy Spirit and I anoint you now with the gift of tongues”.

My friend said God is anointing me like Paul and now I agree. Because this is all stuff you would experience in the early days of the Bible, unplanned Holy Spirit Led stuff.

Now I’m awake after a dream where I’m taming a lion. The lion is hungry but it does not devour me when it runs towards me. I hold my hand up and it closes its mouth.

It’s just the beginning.

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