Breaking Off The Fear Of Lack

I had a dream I was going to buy a water filter and it was only $5 but this girl said “don’t buy it, it gets moldy”.

I remember the ramen I bought was about 500 yen and it wasn’t that good.

Another dream where I was telling my past church members that I got my hair dyed for free, that I didn’t get paid for it but all parts of my purple hair was free.

Again God was reminding me of my royalty status in Christ.

God will have me ask people for donations, and He is specific about who to ask.

He says “my people have relied on their own ways for too long and I want them to live in my abundance, however they can’t do that if they keep controlling and fretting in their own ways of gaining money. I am the provider, I am the father, not you”.

God told me to ask a guy on the plane for a donation but I chickened out because the previous night a huge demon came out of my mother. I mean she wasn’t possessed per say, but she started yelling and it was a huge spirit of lack speaking.

She said that I’m not a missionary, if I am I need proper training. More so she doesn’t believe God speaks to me, etc. I felt bullets hitting my heart and silently sobbed my way to sleep.

How I knew for sure that demon left was when we saw a cockroach out of nowhere. I said the spirit of accusation was present and started to cast it out. I had a huge headache after she yelled at me. I started saying “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus”.

I’m not just a missionary, I’m a prophet. A prophet does more than what a missionary does. She speaks the truth and she is not allowed to shy from confrontation.

I get severely wounded sometimes by what people say to me but I am reminded by God “they are lies”.

I started to see why God had me ask.

The demonic stronghold held her in fear of lack and God wanted to break off that fear.

And He has me ask so that I would not be afraid of “not being enough” or to be afraid of rejection or judgment.

My job is to obey God no matter what. But sometimes asking puts me in a place of being judged and rejected. Even a friend of mine said I was being disrespectful for asking again after she said to never ask again.

I said “God told me to ask” so what can I say? I love you. But I have to obey God.

Elijah has to ask a widow for a meal and she claimed that meal was going to feed her and her son, and they would die.

But because of her obedience everyone knew of a prophet being in their house, and the whole city gave to that house so she never lacked.

One time a Samoan said “You shouldn’t ask Samoans for money they are poor”. He called me all kinds of words, said I was fraud and not sent by God.

Again there was a stronghold of lack in him and it triggered it. My asking for a donation. Whenever there is a stronghold, a strong reaction is coming.

People act with annoyance or anger because there is a root of the fear of lack that is binding and holding that person in bondage.

God’s like “don’t be afraid to ask because I’m breaking off the root of fear in people”.

And sure I may lose friends because of it but He also wants me to live in boldness.

So today I hear God say “ask them for $5”.

5 is the number of grace.

He’s saying “are you willing to trust me with little? To trust in my finished work on the cross? Or to continue trusting in your own ways of accruing wealth? I want you to live in my abundance”.

Sow a seed of $5, 50, 500 or whatever you feel led. God is breaking off the root of self dependence and self reliance.

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Praying 🙏 that God set you free and help you live as royalty paid for by Jesus’ blood.