Not By Might But Spirit

Much watch video!! Not by might or flesh but by the power of the spirit.

God told me to upload this video. It’s so powerful.

I went to South Africa with $20 in my pocket. I was on the streets of New Zealand with $5. It was the spirit of God that gave me directions and the power.

You can’t afford it? Great.

You don’t have strength? Great.

You don’t have talents? Great.

Not by might or flesh but by the power of the Holy Spirit.

When I’m following Jesus and ministering, I’m not relying on my connections, ability, people I know or the money I have, I’m relying on the power of the Holy Spirit and the risen Christ within me!

Many times God does not want me to reach out to people I know at a country not because He doesn’t want people to help me, but because He wants to get all the glory! Because His ways are not my ways! And so He closes the doors that may cause others to think “oh I helped her that’s why she survived and thrived”, no God wants it to be so unique and out of nowhere that no one gets the glory but God!

I spent one year overseas last time and only got hosted by one person that I knew. The other hosts were people I prayed for or met while on the road and there was always a purpose for these divine connections. He brought me to deliver a prophetic word or healing while He provided for me through the hosts.

His ways are mysterious and I challenge you to step out in faith and do the impossible things with God.

He wants all the glory! Let no man/woman get the glory!!!

Today I’ll be heading out again on a supernatural spirit led journey with Jesus. I want to see the lame walk, the blind see and cancers healed.

I hear God say “my people rely too much on what they can do instead of what I can do”. That’s a spirit of lack. But when you know the living Christ is in you, all things are possible.

Was it hard? Yes it’s hard to let go of control. That’s where all the stress comes from- but I heard God say “don’t lose your position trying to fix things when you need to be fighting battles spiritually”.

You are enough. The devil makes you think you don’t have enough when He’s thwarting you with every weapon, but no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Stay at peace and rebuke the devil.

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