People pleasers and people abusers

In unhealthy relationships there is often a people pleaser and a people abuser. A people abuser will take advantage of the people pleaser who feels inadequate and over give and help to please the abuser.

Since I struggled with people pleasing, I often felt burdened on my shoulder, it was a physical pain that indicated I was shouldering too much. Now I realize when the pain hits. Sometimes I’m too slow to recognize it and it takes awhile to recover.

A people pleaser is just as responsible for his or her pain as an abuser! If they have the choice and freedom to say no they’ve voluntarily submitted themselves to be abused.

But then I’ll have to say “I am not responsible for peoples’ problems!” I was repeating this just now at target as I felt responsible to explain my story and have someone understand it. But I felt like I was striving and not resting so I decided to go for a stroll to clear my mind.

The Airbnb host gave me a backpack for my trip to India (I’m going to India folks!) and at first I liked it but when I looked inside there was some stuff in it, dirt and hair.

And I realize I probably won’t enjoy using a used backpack, because it doesn’t feel like mine.

Now when I returned from target I returned the backpack and said “I realize it’s not suitable for my trip thank you!”

In the past I would’ve felt bad and maybe given it to a homeless person, but I realized that I needed to be honest and that was me practicing honesty.

Be in tune with your body and emotions, when do you feel like you’re pushing it and it’s stressing you out- you’re striving!

God’s peace is wonderful and you should experience that even when He asks you to run.

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