You Have The Freedom To Make Mistakes

Asian culture and breaking off the spirit of perfectionism-

In Asian culture, kids are often punished for making the “wrong decisions”, it’s results in crippling fear that prevents adult children from living in freedom. It says there is no fear in love for perfect love casts out fear.

Recently I’d ask God where I should go or who I should hang out with and after I prayed for myself I realize oh where do I want to go and do I want to hang out with that person. I felt crippled by fear because I had spent time with my mom and every wrong move or word resulted in her yelling at me. It made me wary of relationships in general.

I was reminded that’s legalism when we can’t even live always asking God, He wants us to follow our hearts and live in freedom.

We can’t bring in that part of Asian culture into our relationship with God because God does not punish us for making the wrong decisions, He wants us to choose freely and if we don’t like something, He wants us to feel the freedom to change our course.

We shouldn’t feel condemned for changing our minds or choosing something that doesn’t align with peoples’ expectations of us. That is true freedom.

When you feel condemned you overthink things and feel like you have to 100 percent correct instead of living in freedom. You start asking God which way instead of just living but you feel paralyzed by fear so you can’t move forward.

That’s why most people don’t move forward because they think they have to live with their decisions forever and they can’t change it but it’s not true.

Asians might be known for being excellent in things, but they are not known for individuality.

Because the culture praises conformity and perfection versus freedom.

Making the wrong move in Asian countries means social condemnation and familial shame. There is a huge culture of condemnation and I pray God would set these countries free from that demonic stronghold.

I pray Asians would have an understanding of Jesus’ grace.

Because the Holy Spirit is free- not confined to rules and structures.

Journey with me on this path of recovering your heart and dreams friend- sow a seed: thank you!

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