You Are Free

To give you a laugh 😂

After I wrote yesterday’s blog post I met up with my friend and it was the first time I laughed in a long time. I’m not saying I didn’t laugh on my journey but it was so challenging I felt exhausted most of the time.

She said that God was pruning me on this trip and that now my leaves and branches will grow strong.

We prayed for my mother and my family.

This night I had an intense dream where this lady was trying to say that she was my sister. She came to my old house and tried to come in my house. She claimed to be related to me.

My mom and I pretended to get in the car with her but then my mom rammed her and her child into the garage 3 times.

They both knocked out and died.

We tried to get rid of the evidence but I accidentally touched the dead woman’s phone and was afraid they would blame me for the death.

In the dream the police rounded up a bunch of people to question them. My mom took out the SIM card from her and my phone. There was another phone framed on the wall.

I was scared of being caught and hid under the table.

Prophetic word-

It’s time to let go of the past, I am wiping your bad memories. Do not reminiscence the past for your future won’t be like your past. You’ve been traumatized by the hardships and challenges but that won’t define your future. I’m clearing your shame and guilt says the Lord.

You are free, you are free, you are free.

I’m setting you free because your future is bright.

Your future is brighter than you can imagine. Oh it’s so good. It’s better than you can imagine. It’s beautiful.

Don’t look back. This time it truly is what I said. It’s truly good.

Journey with me on this path of recovering your heart and dreams friend- sow a seed: thank you!

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