Prophetic Word – Push!!!

Please watch this.

Wow I couldn’t even keep my eyes open because God started giving me an image of a delivery room. I saw you in bed giving birth to a baby (#dreams) and people were outside trying to come in and kill the baby. Then I saw Jesus standing there and asking you to push. He said don’t give up!!!!! Some of you have laid down and given up. I see some of you binge watching Netflix!! God is like no! Now is the time to push and go forward! #propheticword #prophet

I’ve been on the road even in LA and am leaving to SF June 24. It’s been a whirlwind as God pushes me forward. At first I thought I was going to continue in India and last night God said Taiwan.

So this morning I had to take an Uber and rush to the Taiwanese embassy to renew my passport.

There’s been a slew of divine appointments. I went from Rancho Cucamonga, glendale to pasadena back to alhambra. Today I went to Koreatown.

Here’s a testimony from today-

Testimony of divine encounter with a Korean man- the Lord said to go to Starbucks. I saw a young man sitting there and there was a chair in front of him. I heard “sit down” from God and asked to sit down. Honestly I didn’t feel like talking. But somehow we started talking and I told him my testimony of learning what Grace is- it’s that you are enough and whole in God’s eyes because of jesus’ finished work.

He told me how this morning he was frazzled and needed peace. He’s tried meditation and is spiritual. But he never heard the gospel spoken like that. Usually he closes himself off when anyone tries to say anything about God. In the beginning I asked to pray for him and he kept saying no it’s okay pray for the world.

He said “it’s the way you speak about it. The humanness of it that made me want to listen to you”.

I prophesied over him and said that in God’s eyes he is enough and he doesn’t need to prove anything. I prayed the peace of Jesus over him.

God said to ask him for a donation and he said “actually I would but I’m homeless”. He was dressed in business wear. I said “let me buy you a drink”. He said no no. I knew he had a hard time receiving. He had told me how his Korean parents had great expectations for him that made him feel less than. The conditional love caused him to try to give others unconditional love but he had a hard time receiving.

I said “you are worthy to receive just because you were born, not because you’ve done anything for others”.

I told him how I never felt like I was enough in my mother’s eyes but when I learned the true gospel of grace – it freed me to rest completely in Jesus’ finished work.

The rest and peace you seek is in His finished work.

I told him it was time to go back home and don’t feel ashamed to ask his parents for help.

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Even as I’m writing this I hear God say “linger no more”. It’s time to move forward. “Resting and laying down” won’t give you energy right now as God is flowing in action.