You don’t have to plan when you follow the spirit

You’re always at the right place at the right time.

Now if you’re not following the spirit, then God will send someone to get you unstuck. Someone like me to give you a word. God may speak to you through a poster or a song. He will do anything to get through to you.

A sheep does not need to find their shepherd, they stay put and the shepherd finds them.

A lot of people ask me what my plans are, tomorrow, the next week.

Sometimes I know because God tells me in advance, but sometimes I don’t know. I booked a flight 2 days before I flew. I went into New Zealand without a return ticket. However, legally you need to show something if they ask. They didn’t ask me. Well they did ask me on the check in computer.

Somethings are not black and white, God’s purposes are above men’s rules and plans.

When you walk with God so closely you learn to trust Him even when you don’t know anything about tomorrow.

You don’t need to stress out scheduling appointments because as you listen to His voice and heart you will go where the “divine appointments” are.

Some people call it following your heart.

God gives us intuition, our heart to guide us.

Some people are frustrated because they’re not following their heart. They are unhappy at their job so God sends reminders to tell them to quit. But fear stops them.

Some people are stuck in unhealthy relationships, but fear keeps people in it.

When you live in God’s divine flow, you don’t feel the need to control everything. There are times when I feel like I need to be in control, it’s because I’m holding onto fear!

Yesterday I felt compelled to change rooms as the room I was in was very bright and loud. At first I thought I should just deal with it but I was frustrated.

Then God said- you need to move. I ran in the rain to get to the receptionist, I ended up meeting the manager and housekeeper that were both Christian and I got to prophesy over them.

Later that night I ended up giving a word to a man who was very stressed out in my room. I said I know you don’t believe in Jesus yet but you can always cry out to him. I saw a vision of him carrying more and more rocks on his back. I said God’s burden is light, cast your cares on Him.

God had me there for him.

Then another man had itchy eyes and I prayed for him.

The Lord told me to go to the Korean restaurant. I ended up bumping into a Chinese man I met on the bus that morning. I joined their table and ended up prophesying over all of them.

I love meeting people who don’t know Jesus.

Jesus is so good, I can rely and trust in Him. I might not know what tomorrow holds but I don’t need to.

Adam and Eve thought they needed to know, but they only needed to stay in relationship with God and trust Him to guide them. The way God leads may be outside of your comfort zone but it’s always a fun and adventurous story! And you’ll never be bored. When you’re bored that’s when you know you need to get out of that situation, that you may be stifling what the spirit is doing.

They didn’t need to know anything outside of their relationship with God.

That is why God has been exposing astrology and witchcraft in the body of Christ. We don’t need to control or manipulate our lives- God has a plan for you! And it is perfect! Follow your heart and the spirit.

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