God Is Setting You Free of Fear- Control Is A Demonic Stronghold! You Can’t Be Spirit LED and Fear Driven!

Last night as I was walking to the bathroom I saw a woman crying. I asked to pray for her and then ended up going to dinner with her and her daughter.

As she was sharing her life with me, I sensed a lot of fear, anxiety and control. I told her several visions.

I said “I see you in a boat and there is a hole in the boat but you are trying to patch the hole with anything, even your own clothes. However, I see Jesus reaching His hand to you. He is walking on water. He is above it all. You need to reach out to Him, not try to fix everything”.

If you connect with God laterally, everything horizontally will be worked out.

Some us us are trying to control our lives. We control every penny we spend, we save, we live in fear. We depend on our money for stability and security. We say we are building a nest and a legacy for our children but it’s idolatry.

Control is a demonic stronghold based in fear.

As I continued talking to the woman, I had another vision.

I said “I see a new season, a new door of light. You are on the escalator, it’s automatically going up via grace of God but you are tiring yourself out running in the same place on the same step even though it’s already moving”.

The crazy thing is she found out about this hostel “accidentally” at 8-9 am that morning while the Lord told me to stay at this hostel at 9am.

Divine timing.

I was the prophetic solution. I carried the word for her. I was the messenger.

The problem is usually not the problem, everything is spiritual and the solution is always to surrender to God.

God does not ask us to fend for ourselves or to figure out the solution.

I know there are times I try to figure out how I will eat, where I will sleep, how and when the funds will come in for the next country or even next day but God asks me to trust completely in Him and not in the funds.

So what do you depend on more than God?

That becomes an idol.

You cannot be spirit led if you are fear driven. If you are fear driven you control aspects of your life to feel in control, thinking it’s safety.

But that’s idolatry and that keeps you in bondage. It’s a demonic stronghold.

After my meeting with her, I had a dream that my mom and other relatives had set up shop and were trying to sell stuff.

Everything was neat and tidy. I was so angry. I got a baseball bat and flung everything, destroying the things that represented fear and bondage.

Then I started dancing on the table that the items were set up on.

The Holy Spirit represents freedom. It is freedom. God is freedom. Jesus came to fulfill the rules, not to give us rules.

I shared with the woman that Jesus finished the work on the cross and she shouldn’t be striving for perfection because in God’s eyes He only sees Jesus in her. She needs to rest in the finished work. God doesn’t even see imperfection anymore at the point of receiving Jesus.

He only sees wholeness.

The other day when a new friend sowed a seed, she said “you earned it” since she felt so much better after I prayed for her.

That always bothered me. I realized it’s because I didn’t earn it. I deserve it because Jesus died on the cross for me to have it. Healing costs so much more than $20, $30, $500, $10,000, a million.

Healing came from Jesus sacrifice. He took the punishment on the cross.

I didn’t earn it. Jesus paid for it. He paid for her healing and He paid for this ministry. So if anyone ever sows they are simply sowing what God gave them.

And God called me to ask her not simply because He is providing for me but because He wanted to break off the spirit and fear of lack off of her. That’s what giving does.

I am not in need. I am empowered by the Holy Spirit and fearless. I’m not in fear of lack anymore because I’ve had nothing on the road at times and yet God came through. So when I ask people to give it’s not for me, it’s for them.

God wants us to live in freedom. He wants us to live free of fear from judgement, rejection, lack and death. He wants us to rely on Him more than we rely on our sense of control over our career, what’s next, relationships, friendships, finances.

Will you surrender control?

Will you be a child and let God take your hand?

When we try to control our lives we are operating as our own god.

When we walk with God, we put Him where He needs to be, a father, our husband.

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