Let’s Talk Romance

Remember when you used to write love stories?

Yes. And you drew comic books?


It’s been awhile.

I had a dream about a guy I used to like. I thought this guy liked me too but one day he told me he started dating a girl and I was heart broken. I thought I didn’t understand betrayal but I totally forgot about this long forgotten memory.

How many of you have become a very logical being because Lord forbid if you felt anything you might be heart broken?

How many of you have shut down your heart to protect it?

But then you actually blocked out everything good as well?

Let’s talk romance.

I think we all want a wildly romantic life. Not just with a partner but one of wild adventures, surprises and miracles. Most of us actually love good surprises but we’ve become control freaks because life didn’t always bring us good surprises…In fact a lot of negative surprises came our way.

That’s why I often found myself wildly surprised on this trip- sometimes in ways I felt really out of control. I tried to do anything to stay control.

Take right now as an example. I know where God wants me to go next, so I tried to raise the funds to buy the plane ticket but it didn’t come together.

So I’m like okay God I think you want me to slow down and just trust you.

Take today as an example. I really want to see sheep but went the wrong direction on a bus. I ended up in a residential area and had to knock at a corporate door for directions.

It reminded me of 3 years ago when I went to Bali and wanted to scooter my way around like Eat, Pray, Love but ended up getting into an accident and had to lie in bed for 2 weeks.

My friend told me “you we’re just living in freedom. God is now ordering your steps”.

It’s okay to try to get ahead, but God will order your steps. Since you might be as hard headed as I am, you May encounter a closed door…

God is asking me to slow down. He is wanting us to spend time with Him and rebuild our hearts and strength for what is to come.

Greater strength, greater anointing, greater harvest.

God wants to surprise us. Even when we think we’ve got God figured out. Even as a prophet, we are to be like little children.

He doesn’t want us to know everything. He wants us to trust Him completely.

That’s a romantic life.

Imagine going on a date and constantly asking your date- what’s next? What’s next time? When?

That would be an awful date. He wants us to be enraptured by His love and to be fully indulged in His adventure. He wants us to enjoy His company.

So what about taking His hand? And letting go of control?

I’m listening to Korean love music as I write this. I love romance. I love been enraptured in the moment.

Give- Consider sowing into the kingdom and into the hearts of people around the world.