God I need you more than ever. I’ve seen you work before yet every time I go to a new place I ask you “will you lead the way? Will I have a place to sleep?” I’m looking for your lost sheep, I’m looking for your sheep. I’m relying solely on you, for your provision. I’ve seen miracles. At a moments notice, you sent me to peoples’ homes and yet again I leave and I feel like I have to start over and yet again I have to be brave and courageous and have the question mark of “when, how?”

How will you provide this time? 

How will you lead me this time? 

I often arrive late at night in a new city not knowing where you are leading me, but I follow. 

I follow with my carry on and a duffel bag, a stranger in a foreign city. Everything feels foreign, I don’t feel excited, I feel apprehensive. 

I feel scared at times. Will you take care of me again? Will you do it again? 

Then divine encounters after divine encounters, I see healings and miracles, both physical, emotional and spiritual.

I am the messenger and carrier of your miracle. How could it be? 

I see people cry and laugh with wonder, faces transformed, body healed, heart open. 

How it could be? 

I asked how will you provide, how could it be? 

You’ve done it again and again, country to country, you never fail me. 

I’m your chosen prophet; a pastor to lost sheep, I hold and embrace the lost sheep and welcome them back. I tell them “you’re not under condemnation, you are perfect in God’s eyes”.

I pray with the lost and they hear Jesus’ voice. You long for your children and all to come to you. Your ways are gentle, never forceful. 

You chose me but sometimes the calling and purpose seems too big for me. I am just human but with you in me. 

The resurrected Christ in me. You speak through me, healing the broken hearted and mending old wounds. 

You correct peoples’ views of you through me. You say “I am a loving father, not a mean one”. 

God you will not leave me stranded, the servant and messenger. Through me the world have already seen- you are too real, only by God’s grace you’ve carried me this far. 

I tell tales too miraculous to believe. They listen in awe, but they don’t know the sacrifices too big to explain. This is the longest I’ve been away from my mom. Midway a family member got sick. I keep going, praying for them. 

I keep going because there are souls and lives at stake. Most people live comfortable lives seeking their own lives but I’ve been carrying my cross and following Him. I’m working for a kingdom most can’t see. 

They’ll say “sure I’ll follow Jesus but only as much as this” and they’ll point to the end of their couch or the end of their house or the end and premise of their city. 

I’m a layed down lover. I do it because His love broke through the deepest part of my heart and I’ve allowed Him to break my own strength. 

I can do nothing in my own strength. I boast in Christ alone. If He doesn’t move, I am literally in trouble. I’d been stuck in a country or sleeping on the streets or homeless with no food to eat. 

Yet, he has provided all that I need according to his riches in glory. Sometimes my needs are met by the people I am ministering to. 

But He is a good father and he will never leave nor forsake you. 

I am almost 8 months overseas and I’ve never missed one meal or had to sleep on the street once even if I had to sleep late looking for a place as the Lord directed.

I’ve seen the Lord speak to Muslims, the Lord speak in Vietnamese, the Lord heal wounded backs, I’ve seen people open their eyes to God through prophetic words, I’ve had hundreds and even thousands of divine encounters. 

Give- Consider sowing into the kingdom and into the hearts of people around the world. I am currently fundraising for what is ahead. Going to Christchurch, New Zealand today. Thank you in advance for obeying God – May the Lord bless you abundantly! 


please pray for:

1. Safety, protection by angels

2. Provision, finances

3. God to prepare the hearts of those I minister to

4. The city of christchurch