Prophesy for Souls


When we hear from God we prophesy and open up peoples’ hearts to who God is.

Yesterday I was walking behind a guy I saw at the hostel and I said- aren’t you from the hostel? He said yes. I said what’s your tattoo?

I said “can I pray for you?”

he said “yes but I’m not religious so you can pray for me but I’m not praying with you”.

“Okay no worries I’m praying for you and you are not praying with me”.

”right now??” He looked like he wanted to walk away. We were in the middle of the street. I touched his arms and closed my eyes.

“I see you djing. Do you DJ?”

He said “I used to as a little kid. How did you know that?” He looked a bit surprised. He started to talk about his love for music. He was from England.

When you are always talking to God and hearing from God, you prophesy to open peoples’ hearts to who God is.

Yesterday I felt led to go to the kitchen. There was a girl who was very against the institution of church having grown up in catholic school.

I said “I don’t like institution too. In fact I’m not religious either. Jesus came to destroy rules not to bind us. He came to set us free”.

I said “come. I will pray for you”.

I held her hand and said “I see people all around you criticizing you” she was shocked, she told me she was so criticized over a situation in her life that she came to New Zealand to escape. I won’t go into detail with what was happening but then I also saw an image of someone pulling her hair and God cuts her hair.

she said “I’ve been wanting to cut my hair! But I’m scared I won’t like it”.

I said “just do it. Life is about trying and living in freedom. God wants us to try without fear. He is cutting away criticism from your life”.

I could tell her whole face lit up. She didn’t seem skeptical anymore. I told her testimonies about God working in my 8 month journey. She said “for some reason I believe you!”

Because I spoke into her situation, I knew what was in her heart. We talked for A few hours, she no longer had her guard up. God loves her.

God knows what is in your heart. He is not concerned about you knowing things, He is longing for a heart connection.

A french man listened into my conversation with the woman. He tried to ask me theological questions but I said “I’m not here to debate about theology, I’m here to show you God’s heart”.

I asked to pray for him. I saw his heart being opened and light coming out of his heart. I said- God is opening your heart because you tend to analyze things with your mind, it’s your way of self protection.

Okay well, he tried to analyze the truth I spoke about his heart.

My job is to do heart surgery. Jesus always speaks into peoples’ hearts. He is a master of heart language. He is not a theologian, He is a heart master.

Give- Consider sowing into the kingdom and into the hearts of people around the world. I am currently fundraising for what is ahead. In one more night I’ll be going to Christchurch, New Zealand. Thank you in advance for obeying God – May the Lord bless you abundantly!