Pioneers, this is for you.


Are you someone who is led by the spirit and feel like no one understands or accepts you especially in the established churches? Has God led you to an unconventional way of living? Have you been scorned and judged for simply following Jesus? 

Then this training is for you.

Last night the Lord gave me a vision of people who were frozen and God sending pioneers to start fires in people’s hearts. He told me to start a Firestarters ecourse.

If you feel that God has called you to Pioneer new frontiers and need guidance or direction, this training is for you. He told me to charge $50 to make it accessible to people.

In this training you will have direct access to me as I help you through the maze of breaking off fears, generational mindsets and set you where you need to go. I will prophesy into your life. In addition you will be part of the exclusive Firestarters group on Facebook.

This is especially for those who have:
1. Chosen the path less taken
2. Have felt misunderstood, judged and rejected for your decision
3. Dont see anyone following Jesus the way you are
4. You are a Pioneer
5. Want to break free from the fear of lack, guilt, shame and get unstuck and live the life God has called you to

Sign up for the course by sending the course fee $50 to or

The videos will be made available to the public but the coaching and private group is part of the tuition fee.

Your obedience to Jesus will break ceilings and barriers your family and ancestors have put on your life. You will be able to see cycles broken and you’ll be able to live out your dreams without being halted and stopped.