Breaking The Curse

Written this morning

A husband is supposed to be your emotional support, a prayer partner, your spiritual support. They need to meet on the same level spiritually, otherwise they will be a hindrance to your faith and spiritual walk. Under the curse of Adam and Eve, Eve’s curse was that she would “long for her husband and her husband would rule over her”.

But Jesus broke that curse, so that Christian women should no longer need a husband in a soulish sense but she’s able to be whole without a husband.

Because Jesus becomes her all, just as for a man his identity is no longer in dominating a woman but submitting to Christ.

Is the man you’re interested in submitted to Christ? Are you submitted to Christ?

Are you allowing God to fulfill all your needs?

Or are you relying on someone to save you? Jesus is our savior.

Though God uses people to help us, as they are conduits of love, our trust should not be in man/woman but God alone.

Are you trusting in your job, location, boyfriend, girlfriend, person for financial stability or are you trusting in God-

God will test your loyalty and trust when He calls you to leave something you’ve trusted in, instead of Him.

Are you going to people for emotional support or are you going to God first? This will be tested in moments when you no longer have the friends you thought you’d have.

Is God your husband/wife? This will be tested when God asks you to have loyalty to Him and not the other half.

Do you look to people for acceptance? This will be tested when you have no one to look to for affirmation or acceptance.

If you make God your all you’ll see you’ll actually become fearless and unstoppable, the way God intended us to live.

For some, God hasn’t released your husband or wife to you because you would put them above God and worship them above the Lord. 

Would you be willing to surrender every promise God gives you because your loyalty and love is for God above all?

God isn’t a cruel God. He’s a loving God.

He knows when we put anything above Him, we will always unsatisfied.

Whether it’s a wife, husband, money, comfort, convenience, a career, our kids, a job, a location, our friends, what people think of us.

As long as we worship or idolize anything that is not God, we will experience and live in fear because we live in the constant fear of not being or having enough (or the fear of losing what we have) but when we put God first we live on an unshakeable foundation, a solid rock, a firm identity of being enough in Christ Jesus.

Our hearts come alive in Christ. Our lives come alive in God. The only way to freedom is giving your all to God and allowing Him to be your all.

He only asks us to surrender our all to Him because He is much more than anything or anyone we hold onto now.

In relationships, I often see a fear that holds people together, not love.

The fear of not being enough.

When he/she loses their other half. The fear of the unknown. The fear of the future.

But God is more than enough for you.

Before I came on this trip I had a dream where I was wearing a wedding dress on an airplane. As days progressed, my dreams progressed. One day in September I had a dream I got married.

In our relationship with God, there are stages.

Some of us are just dating God, we are not willing to commit to God because of it’s fear. We’re afraid He’s not a good father/husband.

We’re afraid He will leave us like our Fathers did.

We’re afraid He won’t provide for us as our father didn’t. We’re afraid He won’t keep His word like our fathers didn’t.

Though I still have fears and I battle doubt God always calms my fears.

I remember all the times He brought me through. I remember when I was lacking and He fed me. I remember when I felt alone and He was there. I remember our history.

That is why I am committed to Jesus, because He’s never failed me and I’m willing to walk as far as I can on water, on faith in this lifetime and not miss a single miracle He wants to do in and through me.