God Is Your Source


A lot of us and all of us grew up with imperfect fathers.

Some had absent fathers, some abusive fathers, some wounded fathers. Some of our fathers died early on in our lives, some just weren’t present.

As a child of God, we have to learn who God our Father is.

Many of us grew up to rely on ourselves, to rely on anything that seemed secure. For some, you chose a marriage partner to replace your absent father. For some, you chose money as a source of security. For some, fame and reputation and what others thought of you….

“Do not call anyone on earth your Father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven” – Matthew 23:9

Essentially what God is saying is – don’t make anyone your true source, don’t make your best friend your source, don’t make your parents your source, don’t make your job and career your source, don’t make what you do your source- let me be your source.

I know your friends may have failed you, your ex failed you, your parents failed to love you, but I the Lord am your sustenance and I will always be your Father.

I am your true source says the Lord.

I am your papa, your lover, our husband.

I will not abandon you like your previous lovers, like your friends, like your parents.

I am not like anyone you know says the Lord.

I will never leave nor forsake you. I knew your needs before you asked, I am preparing it in my perfect timing.

Don’t try to make it happen in your limited ways. The world makes things happen like orphans- I make things happen for my children. There is no strife, only rest.

Rest in my love for you.

They will see my faithfulness in your life. Don’t give up, stay in rest.

Just had a revelation- people also make a specific church or organization as their source, they also make ministry their source. As I follow Jesus to speak life into people some people are amazed that I was not sent out by a church or organization.

It’s almost like christians seek legitimacy for their worth from a certain organization versus from God the Father.
So we have a bunch of orphan minded ministers looking for worth in being approved by a “covering” when in actuality they just don’t know who they are in christ.

God wants to break the boxes that keep love in. He says stop looking for legitimacy from another Christian. You are my child. Follow me where I lead you even though it looks wild and free.


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