things I learned 10 years after high school

I was going to do 10 things I learned but it’s stupid I hate lists. 

It’s my 10 years reunion this year.

I went to Arcadia high

Things I learned-

  1. The world is less forgiving of people who don’t fit in, so don’t ever try to fit in.
  2. People will applaud you for being different but when times get tough for you they blame you for not fitting in and trying to do something new, so cast those people aside.
  3. If you’ve always been weird don’t try to date normal guys, they want to be weird, but try to put you in their box, just don’t date normal guys.
  4. Create your own reality of what makes you happy. If getting married and having kids is your thing, then do it. If traveling and being a rock star is your thing, do that.
  5. There are tons of people who say they want to do shit and never do it, I’ve heard people say they want to travel every single year but they won’t.
  6. Dont judge people now, it’s only been 10 years, I’ve watched people’s life change 180. Don’t judge period. You haven’t seen the end of their life.



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