I am completely overtaken with love.

This time I feel possessed with the spirit, captured, drunken with love. I was so heavy with burden, laden with grief, like a widow who lost her husband, her kids.

I cried in comedies even. I finally understand my journey and why I went through such a wilderness. The last two nights I felt a passion and courage I’ve never felt before.

I felt a joy I haven’t felt in ages, I am standing up on the inside, I am dancing on the outside. I am high off of spirit and I’m burdened with love and there is something I’m imparting soon. I am focused, no longer distracted with other peoples’ fears.

Where the spirit is there is liberty. So I was purified of fear, because spirit cannot overtake you if fear is within you. But when spirit overtakes you, it is no longer you dancing, it is spirit dancing, it is spirit writing, it is spirit speaking through you.

That’s why they say the greatest talents on earth are godlike, because God has overtaken their abilities and it is no longer striving, it is being, resting in spirit of God.


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