How women can help men to help women

In my 27 years of living, I went from hating men to loving them. I went from thinking all men were the same to loving them as individuals, sons of God. 

The first time I really saw men as equal to me was when I made an equally stupid mistake in my own life that I hated some men for. That’s when I realized that I’m human too. I’m the same, humans are all capable of making mistakes. None of us are perfect. 

Anyways- this weekend my dad told me that a relative killed himself because he became jobless and his wife (a mail order bride) said he was useless, like trash because he had no income. 

That drove him to deeper depression and he ended up hanging himself on a tree. 

My dad also vented about how his wife yells at him everyday. 

Yes there probably are just reasons for it but I wonder how relationships are a two way street. 

Men want respect and women want the security of knowing they are loved. 

Women sometimes are unable to get that security and the disrespect happens. It goes both ways. 

But it made me wonder….though feminists are always saying men have not treated women equally…are women treating loving themselves to begin with?  Are we accepting less than, have we remained quiet when injustice happens to us, do we let others step on our boundaries, do we continue to accept the kind of treatment that a man who does not love himself will induce? 

And are the acts of violence that is spewed through words enough to kill a man on the inside? 

So I wonder could we love men by seeing the limitless spirit they are and encouraging them with words? 

Because aren’t we all human? Imperfect? 

And maybe if more women could see the gifts inside men, could we create a cycle of love? Because when men are loved for who they are, maybe their manliness comes out, the hero comes out, the responsible one comes out, the adventurous defender comes out. 

Just maybe. 

Because words are powerful, life changing. 

Choose positive ones. 

Even when you talk to yourself. Encourage your heart.  Because it’s not about blame, but how can we positively change the world? 




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