What do you want for 2016?

Glam life for me. 

1. Today I found a piercing studio and I’m going to get my nose pierced after my sniffling goes away. 

2. You know that song I don’t fuck with you? I’m not fucking with any bs or any bs that does not involve me, thank you very much. I’d rather watch a movie than listen to you weep over something you didn’t listen to my initial advice about. Oh and also if you’re asking me for advice and we are not friends, I offer coaching as a service, and it’s not free yo. 

3. Peace over drama 

4. Everything high end follows me

5. Grace and rest, no striving for me. If it doesn’t come to me, it’s not worth my time. 

6. Dating wise I am sensing my life partner crossing paths with me this year. 

7. Lots of dancing, laughing and wiggling 

8. Free shit all year 

9. Double portion returned of everything that was taken away from me or owed to me from 2015 

Got these bomb glasses done in 30 minutes – taiwan is the shit 

You should look in the mirror and say I’m hot as fuck. 

Taipei city    


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