Traveling solo as a woman

I would highly recommend a woman to travel solo, but to be aware and be wise. 

I’ve been in Kuala Lumpur and have been at an inn which for some reason only have single men. The women I’ve met had a partner. As I was running to the bathroom this old French man smiled at me, but not in a friendly way, more like “ew” way. I didn’t smile, I don’t need to and I don’t want to. 

When I was in Prague, there was a German guy that would stare at me up and down and I definitely felt so uncomfortable and scared for me life. 

The unfortunate thing was I was under his bunk bed. Which made it worse. I tried to hang in there for 3 days- girls, ladies, if you’re uncomfortable get away right away!!! You’re instinct is everything! 

I finally asked to move rooms and felt a huge relief. When I left my room he asked “you’re leaving?” And believe it or not I did confront him. 

This is what I told him- “you know why I’m moving? Because I feel so uncomfortable with the way you look at me. It makes a women feel unsafe. If you want a girlfriend that’s not the way to go”.

He said sorry- that he didn’t know.

He didn’t know, gosh damn it. 

Seriously?? What is our society teaching our men??? I can blame it on so many things but one I blame it on porn and the sexualization of feminity. 

But I have so many more stories but one things I’ve learned as a woman traveler is that you must at all times trust your instinct, and if necessary speak up. 

Sexual harassment is not okay, even staring. 

The only day I wore a dress – because yes people stare  

And if you are a male, I ask that you start by not staring at women.   


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