Hostels Are Not Scary 

Okay I stayed at a luxury hotel but most of the time I stay at hostels or guest houses. 

I’d like to debunk the myth that you will get killed in a hostel. That movie Hostel has gotten everyone grossed out, scared out of their minds about traveling on a budget. 

Some hostels are so nice you’ll want to stay there forever. 

Fin hostel – Phuket Thailand 

Wins most movies awards- I watched over 20 movies at this hostel.  When it’s too hot- stay in doors and walk out in the afternoon. Southeast Asia can fry you! 

Bed Station- Bangkok 

Best atmosphere and cleanliness award- best bean bags award. 

Fosters a sense of family and friendship! 


  Free food. What. 
Here are some awesome friend I’ve met at hostels and couch surfing! 


Bed station hostel  – I probably laughed the hardest I’ve ever laughed. These guys are a hoot!   
Ho Chih Minh – Vietnam

My couchsurfing host – dear Tiffany, we’ve become life long friends 

 Hanoi- Vietnam 

Crazy Dutchmen – dancing!  
Cat ba island – Vietnam 

My dear brothers in faith 

La buddy! 

I love everyone of these hooligans.hugs!!!!  



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