The Truth Will Set You Free

the truth will set you free but it’s not always easy to hear 

Because it exposes the untruth, the unsettling feeling that we are not yet there yet 

But in reality we are already there, arriving is when my soul leaves my body at the point of death so I am traveling until the day I die. 

There is no such thing as stability except in the heart

Today my stomach is grumbling because I have let go and believing, I arrive. 

I remember who I am when I believe

Fear feeds the ego and arriving, I am only spirit 

Today I choose to let go of what people think of me, what I think of myself or judgement. I receive unlimited blessings and provision in spiritual, emotion and materially.

I now speak life to my spirit and create a spiritual protection over my thoughts and heart so no ill intentioned, manipulative being can touch the purity of my heart. 

I release what is no longer mine and what is mine, I receive with gratitude. 

In Jesus name amen 


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