The Process of Leaving Los Angeles – Thailand Sept 12

Wow traveling can be a b#tch.

Oh I meant the preparation part.

By no means do I have a savings account with tons of cash to travel. I’m winging it. In fact I’m leaving in a bit over a week, and I probably have enough to buy one month phone service. Actually since I’ve already been self-employed for so long, I realize today I’m not traveling, I’m just living in other countries while still building my empire.

But here’s the deal, you can sponsor me by donating on paypal (pick family or friends) or Click here to sponsor!

If you have benefitted at ALL by my writing, inspirational podcasts, and everything that I have given to the world for FREE, then you have the opportunity to give back. You can donate $10, which will get me 5-10 meals or a hostel bed in some remote jungle. Or you can sponsor $1000, which will probably help me for a month.

I believe I am carrying Wayne Dyer and Oprah’s torch, so Wayne, if you are up there listening, send some angels to help me. Because shit is getting tough and I have no idea how I’m supposed to get everything together, the product sponsorships, money, po box, etc together. Wayne- it’s going to be okay. R- I know but my brain is going ballistic. Wayne- trust God. R- ugh.

So that’s my conversation with Wayne. This blog post is for you Wayne, you inspired me to wear white pants, you reminded me that when the time is right I’ll meet the right publisher, you showed me how to live inspired, not stressed. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Wayne. Thank you mom for giving birth to me.

Now I shall disappear from LA for a couple of months, 6 months, a year….who knows. I won’t starve I don’t think. I won’t get kidnapped, but I’ll have faith that I’ll walk the line. The thin line and jump face forward, planking my way through a few countries at a time.

Wayne, this is for you. Have a beer in heaven for me!


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