Rediscover your heart


On my trip to catalina island, I met kris Holden-Reid on top of a mountain. #tudors #lostgirl

Many times in life

we will find that our hearts are jaded, where did the passion go?

For life, where did the excitement go for the things you used to love doing?

You will find that the duties of life has blocked your vision of the life you wanted

when you were young and “naive”, they say

But that’s when you have to push your imagination….until you believe in your own

carry your own

Because your imaginations will manifest into reality before your eyes

If you don’t back down

I’m going to hawaii on Tuesday to rediscover my heart again. Though I’m a tastemaker, a thought leader, always seeking for a more passionate life, I need often to rediscover my heart.

After selling my furnitures, rewriting my life and allowing my true desires to lead, I can honestly say anything can happen. They say those who lose their life will find it.

May we waste our life for what really matters, to awaken the heart that keeps us alive.


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