How to not give up

I once had a “friend” tell me in one of the hardest time of my entrepreneurial life that “you chose to be self employed”.

When all I needed was someone to say “you can do this, I believe in you, remember who you are”. I didn’t need another judgement. Especially from a friend.

Recently Ive seen how cruel people can be. But I also know that this is all training ground for the calling of my life.

yes I chose to say yes to who I am.

To say yes to who you are is to know what works and doesn’t for yourself. Some people are okay working the 9 to 5 job, some are happy working part time of freelancing. Some people are created to create amazing works of art and books. Some are scientists. But nevertheless a passion in the heart is more than a choice, it haunts us.image

A passion, a desire brings out the hunger of your soul. It overtakes your thoughts, ideas roaming every square feet of your every brain cell.

Can you tell someone “well you chose to be born a male or female”? No, none of us chose where we would be born or what family we were born into….or even to be born….yet deep down we were also wired for dreams that we didn’t choose to be haunted with. We were designed for visions we cannot now clearly understand.

Yet, we should listen clearly to our heart.

Because the more we ignore it, the more we become like mummy’s, walking like zombies, waiting for our death.

Let us listen. Let us act.


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