How to live with courage


I realize that fear restricts muscles. We often live our lives worrying about little things and somehow we survive, we are breathing and alive. The things we worry about are external, often there are more challenges to be fought.

one thing I’ve learned is that accepting and releasing is the best you can do.

Then choose to know that your circumstances don’t define your worth.

For example, if you’re in debt, you are not your debt, you are an amazing human of infinite possibility. If you just got dumped by a loved one, remember life is always an upgrade and there’s always better fish in the sea.

you were meant to be healed by that relationship. You learned from it. You grew from it.

If you auditioned for a part, and didn’t get it, they simply didn’t see your light and needed someone else’s light.

Your perfect part is on a timeline in history you don’t know just yet.

If you’ve been single for years, start loving yourself and people. Since you attract who you are, you’ll attract wholeness or lack. As you heal you’ll meet more people who are like you.

how do you live with courage everyday? For me I’ve been able to take risks because I know there’s a God who is looking out for me, always showing me beauty and abundance.

I don’t wait for everything to be perfect to be grateful, I’m grateful for the nice cashier, I’m grateful for my friends, I’m grateful for a warm shower and I’m grateful today for my friend who I’m staying with in hawaii.

What are you grateful for and how can you be courageous today?


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